10 Basics About Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer You Didn't Learn In The Classroom

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Undercounter Fridge Freezer Side by Side For Busy Commercial Kitchens

Countertop dual temperature fridge freezers that can be used side by side are a great solution for commercial kitchens. There are numerous styles available including frame glass, stainless-steel swing doors as well as panel-ready models.

The undercounter refrigerators are installed beneath counters and between cabinets to keep food, beverages or ingredients for meals in close proximity. Check the size requirements carefully for clearance from the countertop, especially when the fridge is located rear or side breathing.


Undercounter fridge freezer side by side models offer plenty of storage space. They are suitable to store a range of ready-to cook food items. A lot of dual-temp units have frozen sections for food items that require refrigeration, so they’re ideal for restaurants with limited space or busy kitchens.

The size and location of your kitchen can help decide which model you require. If you host guests at your home bar, then a dual-zone cooler would be the best choice. Alternatively, large families might appreciate the added food storage space that an undercounter refrigerator drawer.

Keep in mind that undercounter refrigerators may have some limitations due to ventilation requirements. They must be positioned at least 6 inches from the back of your counter or any other cabinet to allow proper air flow. Some units have vents on the side or back that are not able to be set against a brick wall. Some have vents for front breathing and less restrictions.

Some models are designed to be a flush fit under a countertop, with a sleek design that looks like a standard 24 ” base cabinet. You can modify the drawer fronts and handles to fit in with your style. These cabinets are ADA-compliant and many have panel-ready designs, which let you customize the door openings based on your preferences.


In addition to offering a premium look that complements any kitchen, undercounter refrigerators freezer side by side refrigerators give the convenience of easy access and storage. They are particularly useful for small kitchens where they can be used to store food items. They can also be used as a secondary refrigerator in outdoor grilling rooms and other areas. These dual temperature undercounter fridges are able to be put in bars, garages cellars, basements and garages to store drinks, condiments, and platters for parties.

These compact refrigerators help save the space used by a large refrigerator. They’re available in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the right one for your business or home. Some models have built-in water dispensers and ice makers.

While the sleek design of a side by side refrigerator might be ideal for those who need to reduce space, it could limit the amount of refrigerated capacity you can use. If you have lots of large or wide tray, leftovers, or packages that aren’t able to fit easily as the freezer side is much shorter than the refrigerator. This could be a major issue for those who intend to use the fridges as their primary kitchen refrigerator or for those who live in smaller homes and apartment. If this is a problem for you, think about a different type of fridge freezer under counter Side by side fridge freezer 90cm counter.

Energy efficiency

Side-by-side refrigerators often offer a more economical design than French door models. Some are ENERGY STAR-certified and are more energy-efficient than refrigerators with top and bottom freezers. You should look for refrigerators that have an “kWh rating” on the energy label. This will tell you how much electricity they consume each year.

Side-by-samsung side by side fridge freezer refrigerators typically have adjustable shelves and door bins to allow for flexible storage. Some refrigerators come with butter or deli drawers or two produce drawers. A lot of them come with dual ice makers that can produce both cubed and crushed ice. Certain ice makers feature advanced features, like slow-melting ice balls that can be added to drinks that would be watered down if they were made of traditional cubes.

There are side-by-side refrigerators available in a variety of finishes and styles, including stainless steel or black. The most stylish options are smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof, which make them easier to clean.

Think about the amount of food that you keep in each compartment of your fridge, the kind of food you purchase, and the frequency with which you open the door when you are looking for a side-by-side refrigerator freezer. This will help you decide the most appropriate option for your family. Quincy Bulin, a writer who covers products and home contributed to this article by studying refrigerators taking into consideration size capacity, price, color/finish, certifications, and many more factors.


These commercial refrigerator-freezer combinations are popular because they can be installed under counters already in place. This makes them an ideal alternative for businesses that don’t have enough space for upright refrigerators and freezers of a full size but still need a space to store cooked or prep ingredients. They are often available in three or two sections, each with an additional refrigerated and frozen compartment.

These units could have front doors made of stainless steel or tempered glass to give them the look like a regular fridge. Some are panel ready which means they are able to accept an individual door panel to be a match to the style of the cabinets in your kitchen. Drawers are also an alternative. Some drawers can offer frozen and fresh storage, whereas others only have one drawer per.

If you intend to use the Fridge Freezers Side By Side in the counter and freezer side-by-side for food preparation, be sure it’s rated as such. Otherwise, you may end with a scratched or damaged surface that could harbor bacteria.

Worktop refrigerators or freezers are also options to store food in a commercial kitchen. Burkett also offers several different sizes of of these refrigeration units to help you choose the ideal suitable one for your restaurant or business.