10 Best Mobile Apps For Shark Robot Vacuum

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Shark Robot Vacuum Review

The Shark robot vacuum operates best robot vacuum for thick carpet when it is controlled and paired with the SharkClean app. It lets you schedule the robot to clean a certain time or set no-go zones.

The installation is quick and simple. Install the docking stations in a central area, near the router, after taking off the protective film as well as Styrofoam.

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The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R101AE is a high-end robotic vacuum that is equipped with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features. It is compact and sleek in appearance, which makes it easy to store. It also comes with a huge dust bin that is easy to clean and empty. This feature is especially useful for households with a lot of pet hair, as it keeps the robot from becoming blocked by hair. The base of the vacuum also contains a sealed HEPA filter, which ensures it gets rid of any particles that remain.

The robot’s navigational system is a further highlight. It makes use of sensors to identify and avoid obstacles in the area it is cleaning. The sensor system of this robot isn’t as advanced as the LIDAR sensor found in more expensive models. However, it does a great job of navigating through flooring and rugs, as well as other transitions. The robot is also able to climb over electrical cords and rug tassels. It has no trouble getting under furniture.

This vacuum cleaner is able to do both vacuuming and mopping, which makes it an ideal option for homes with mixed floors. The app allows users to set virtual boundaries and guide the device to clean specific rooms. The IQ can also be programmed to operate at specific times during the day. It can also be used to wash the premises while the owners are away.

The Shark IQ, unlike many robotic vacuums that compete with it, is bagless. This reduces the frequency of cleaning. Its reusable, self-emptying mopping pads are also extremely durable. They are infused with enzymes that reduce dirt. It also has a water reservoir which helps keep the floors dry.

Shark IQ is a great option for homes due to of the many other features. For instance, it can be connected to Amazon Alexa to start a cleaning routine or check its battery level. It also has a smart home integration that lets it sync with other devices within the house.

Like all robot vacuums The IQ also has its downsides. It can be difficult to follow the instructions, especially if it’s your first time using the SharkClean App. The app has a variety of options that include changing the cleaning modes as well as scheduling cleaning sessions and seeing its history. It comes with a handy feature that informs you to change filters and other components.


The Shark AI robotic vacuum features bags that automatically empty the base. It is available in 2-in-1, Ultra, and standard versions. It also has LiDAR sensors for navigation and an app for managing maps and devices. You can also schedule the vacuum to run while you’re away which makes it an ideal option for families with pets or busy schedules. The robot employs a mix of side brushes, channel brushes and a multi-surface brushroll that clean all surfaces and corners. It also has a rubber bumper to protect walls and furniture as well as the ability to detect cliffs and boundaries for security.

It could take longer to set the vacuum up the first time than an ordinary vacuum. Once you’ve got everything set up it will operate essentially on its own, running through cleaning cycles and even creating a mapping report in the process. It’s easy to keep track of its current status and location with the SharkClean app or Alexa voice commands, but it requires a little more setup than a regular vacuum.

This vacuum has a top rating on Amazon and customers appreciate how simple it is to operate. It works with Alexa, allowing users to start the vacuum by saying “Alexa to activate cleaning.” The Shark Detect Pro uses a series of wheels that resemble mini-mountain bike tires. The wheels allow it to lift itself over higher rugs, thresholds and transitions on the floor. Shark’s NeverStuck Technology is also used to prevent it from becoming stuck.

Its performance on floors that are unfinished is outstanding with the capability to pick up fine debris like rice with no issue. However, it does a poor job on carpets with a low pile and is unable to remove large particles such as sand from this surface type.

It is more expensive than Roomba’s 960 but offers better cleaning and has a larger dust bin. Its smart features are a great option for homes with a lot of pet hair. The “ReactiveAI” feature allows the vacuum to move through obstacles more efficiently. It’s also much easier to install and its battery lasts longer than Shark AI.


A Shark robot vacuum has an array of automated features, including smart navigation and mapping. These are a necessity for those who are looking to spend less time doing chores. It is not without faults especially when compared to other brands in the same price range. For example, the Roborock S7 MaxV has a more advanced dual-sensor navigation system which allows it to map its coverage area and identify small obstacles. It also has a better mopping system that’s far more potent in scrubbing away tough stains. It has a dock that emptys the dustbin, refills the water tank and washes the mopping pads. This allows for a hands-off ownership.

The Shark ION Robot vacuum does not offer many physical automation options. The two buttons that control the vacuum’s physical controls — Clean and Dock–are a good way to start but you’ll have to utilize the Shark app to activate the other controls. This is where you can schedule cleanings, set no-go zones, and check the history of your cleaning.

The app gives users access to three power settings for the vacuum: its energy-saving Eco mode, the default Normal mode, and its powerful Max mode. The vacuum’s battery life will vary based on the power setting you choose. You can track this on the app. The app also provides useful information on maintenance tasks, such as changing the filter and pre-motor brushes.

This robot is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can control the Shark Ion robot with voice commands which lets you save your hand for other tasks. Alexa will also be able to tell you where the neato robot vacuum is located and its battery status.

During setup, you’ll need to download the Shark application and create an Shark account to connect it to Wifi. This page allows you to name your robot, schedule cleanings and remotely activate it. You can also look at its cleaning history and any error notifications.

Once you’ve finished the set-up process, your robot will begin to build a map of your home. During this period you must take off any cords or shoes in which your robot is likely to become stuck. You’ll need to create an “no-go zone” for any area you want the robot to avoid.


Robot vacuums offer a hands-off cleaning solution and the self-emptying bins included in these machines provide even more convenience. Contrary to conventional vacuums, which aren’t always easy to use or contain heavy and messy debris, these robots are designed to eliminate the hassle of emptying a dirt container and let you forget about maintaining it. They also require less maintenance and can maneuver around obstacles such as electrical cords easily. However, the cost of these machines can be expensive, so it is crucial to do your research before buying one.

The robot is simple to set up straight out of the box. It is all you need to do is snap in its two side brushes and connect it to your computer. It takes around four hours to recharge, but there are two lights to show the battery’s status: one flashes white when charging, and the second is off to indicate the battery is fully charged.

The vacuum is great for clean floors, but it can struggle to get rid of pet hair and large food particles. The dust container can quickly fill up and the robot vacuum struggle to clear these items which makes it an unsuitable choice for households with a lot of pets or families that frequently host gatherings.

Shark’s NeverStuck technology means the vacuum won’t become stuck and needs less maintenance, while its rubber treads allow it to move over obstacles. The wheels are like mini versions of mountain bike tires and aid in helping the robot lift itself over larger rugs or floor transitions. The app that is included with the robot vacuum mops (oy2b33di2g89d2d53r6oyika.kr) allows you to set virtual boundaries to keep it from. This decreases the risk of the robot tripping over items you don’t wish it to.

If you do not connect the Shark AI to your home Wi-Fi, or an app, you can still use it by pressing the “Clean” button. However, you will be unable to access the mapping and other features that are only accessible via the app. Moreover, removing the unit while cleaning or between maps could cause it to lose its map and the no-go zones. The Roborock Q5 has a better build, is more effective in handling pet hair, and is more easy to maintain than the Shark AI Robot.