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Fridge Freezer Integrated 60/40 Models

60/40 refrigerators that are integrated with freezers are hidden behind the kitchen door. They offer ample freezer and fridge storage space as well as large compartments. If you shop in large quantities, you can opt for the model with a 70%/30 split to provide you with more freezer space.

Some models come with a super freeze function that lowers the temperature in the freezer, which helps the food freeze more quickly. This consumes more energy, but it saves you money on your electric bill. You can also find refrigerators with reversible door designs.


Fridge freezer integrated 60/40 models are perfect for smaller families or couples, and for those who don’t need an abundance of storage space. They’re also cheaper than fridge freezers that are freestanding and you can match the finish with other kitchen appliances to create seamless appearance.

Our fridge freezers built-in feature smart features that will help your food last longer. They include a reversible door design that can be adapted to any kitchen layout, humidity drawers to store fresh food, and LED lights that use less energy and last longer than conventional bulbs. You can choose a model that features HarvestFresh Technology, which creates conditions for photosynthesis to ensure that your vegetables and fruits keep their vitamins. Other options include Rapid Cooling and Fast Freezing settings which quickly ensure that your new additions are cooler than the ambient temperature to ensure they are of good quality.

The largest of our fridge freezers that are integrated are designed to stand out in your kitchen. These American style fridge freezers have enormous capacities, with up to 189 cubic litres of fridge space, and three drawers of freezer that are transparent. This provides ample space for everything from your grocery shop to bulk purchases of fish and meat. These units also have handy additional features such as dispensers for water and ice to allow you to easily access chilled drinks. You can choose from a variety of colours to match your kitchen or choose something more striking.

Energy rating

Fridge Freezers with an A+ or Aenergy rating of ++ are kinder to the environment and your wallet, too. These models come with innovative features like NoFrost which prevents the formation of ice, VitaFresh XXL to preserve the freshness and flavor, and LED lighting that uses less energy than conventional bulbs.

If you have more room to play there are plenty of larger American fridge freezers to meet the storage requirements of your family. These models are usually equipped with a variety of useful features, like egg holders, wine racks, and separate compartments to store fruit and vegetables. Some models even have an integrated water dispenser that can be mounted on the door for easy access to chilled water.

A 40/60 split works well for families who purchase a lot of frozen food but still need room in the fridge to store cheese, milk and bottles of drink. You can also find fridge freezers with 50/50 split that equally divides the storage space between the fridge and freezer sections. The freezer section has drawers with clear fronts, which aid in the search for frozen foods. You can utilize Super Freezing to quickly freeze food items when you need to. This function reduces the temperature of the freezer for a brief time so that it can quickly freeze. This saves energy and prevents other frozen food from defrosting. Some refrigerators come with a SmartFridge which automatically monitors and adjusts internal temperatures to maximize energy consumption.

Internal configuration

Integrated fridge freezers are often smaller than freestanding models since they must fit seamlessly into your kitchen. They also have a lower capacity of storage and are more expensive to run because they can’t be moved around as easily, which means they require larger motors. You can lower your energy costs if you choose a model that has high efficiency ratings.

There are a variety of configurations to choose from depending on your budget and preferences. Some fridge freezers come with integrated water dispensers and an ice machine, while others have a lower cost and a separate freezer section. One of the most sought-after options are French door refrigerators, which have two doors for the refrigerator on top and freezer drawers below. These are an excellent option for a modern kitchen design.

Bosch fridge freezers feature an innovative internal layout which allows you to store food and drinks in separate compartments. This system keeps your food fresh and also helps keep food from getting contaminated. Their intelligent sensors continuously monitor and control the temperature of the surrounding, fridge and freezer temperatures. This ensures that they are always in top condition. They can even protect your food from unpleasant odours. They have innovative features like VitaFreshXXL and noFrost, aswell as intelligent LED lights that provide the same and glare-free inside illumination.


designed to play a subtle function in your dream kitchen integrated fridge freezers provide deceptively cavernous storage and plenty of innovative features. Be sure to look for adjustable shelving and handy additional features like child-proof doors and ice cube makers. With a range of finishes, including stainless steel, white and black it is easy to match your new fridge freezer to other kitchen appliances.

If you’re a keen cook, you might need to think about buying a refrigerator-freezer equipped with smart technology that can help you organize your meals and also track your expiry dates. WiFi-connected models allow you to keep tabs on what’s inside from anywhere – and you can download recipes or make shopping lists as well.

It is a good idea to choose a model that has an automatic Super-Freezing function when it’s time to freeze food items. This quickly freezes food at the right temperature, which preserves the nutrients, vitamins, and flavor as well as colour.

Door hinges that can be reversed let you choose which side of the fridge opens so that it can be more suitable for your space. An alarm is an excellent feature to have in case family members do not shut the door in the correct way. A majority of our refrigerator freezers integrated fridge freezer uk come with Low Frost technology which reduces the accumulation of ice and makes the process of defrosting easy.