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Fridge Freezer 50/50

Fridge freezers 50/50s have more space than other refrigerators. They may be equipped with a wine rack on the refrigerator’s side or a door space for bottles. These are ideal for people who have a large family, entertain often or stock up on frozen food.

AO also has models with clever features that keep food fresher for longer. Be sure to look for blue light technology that can continue the process of photosynthesis to ensure that fruit and vegetables retain their vitamins and nutrients.


The size of the fridge freezer you choose will have a major impact on your kitchen. Refrigerator freezers can be freestanding, allowing you to fit them into your own cabinetry, or integrated, designed to slot right into the look of a fitted. You can also pick tall 50/50 models, which offer more storage and modern design.

It’s crucial to consider the needs of your family when deciding on the capacity of your new fridge freezer. If you tend towards eating more fresh food, you should choose a model with a 50/50 split that includes shelves that can be adjusted to the height of your containers. There’s plenty of space for bottles of soft drinks and wine in the door racks, too There’s also an additional salad drawer that retains the humidity to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

If you prefer eating frozen meals more often, you can opt for a split of 70/30 or a 60/40 split. These models come with more space in the fridge, and the freezer section includes drawers with clear fronts, which allow you to locate your frozen meals.

Leibherr’s 50/50 fridge freezer is an excellent choice if you want to cut down on energy consumption without sacrificing quality or performance. It has doors that can be reversible, which means you can put it in any place in your kitchen and it’s free of frost, so you don’t have to waste time defrosting it. The cooling circuits that are separate let the freezer and fridge concentrate on the task at hand, meaning you get maximum storage and a low power consumption.

This Liebherr model is another excellent alternative. It has the same efficiency and features reversible shelves as well as a variety of doors that are adjustable. The ice and water dispenser in the door will help save even more energy, since it’s plumbed directly into your home water supply. It’s loaded with smart features too with a touchscreen on the fridge-side door to control your appliance and display photos of your loved ones. It’s compatible with the SmartThings app, so you can use it to play music or even make notes on your shopping list.


Fridge freezers can be more than simply storage units; they can also be a stylish feature for your kitchen. The latest models are stylish and offer a wide options to fit your preferences and space, with modern designs that are available in brushed steel or white finishes. Some have extras like chilled water dispensers, or egg racks, or have smart technology integrated so that you can connect them to your smartphone for simple control and updates.

If you’re looking for something basic to do the job or something more advanced, our wide range of 50/50 fridge fridges & freezers have something for all. We even have models with smart features that can save you money by monitoring your energy usage and changing the temperature to help keep food fresher longer.

If you love all things tech and gadgets, why not opt for an appliance with a touchscreen on the door? You can utilize them to access important settings and apps, or to display family photos and take notes. They can even show the weather!

Some of our fridge-freezers are frost-free, which means you don’t have to fret about manual defrosting. Some come with useful accessories, like an elegant wine rack made of chrome that’s perfect for storing soft drink bottles, or the flexi-shelves on this Bosch model that let you adjust the shelves to different heights to accommodate taller items.

Other useful features you can find on some of our models include a door open alarm, a reversible door that lets you select which side it opens from and also the Quiet Mark symbol to show that it has been tested for the level of noise. There are models with a BigBox in the freezer compartment, which is larger than the other shelves and can hold bulky items. We also have shelves that can slide out to allow you to access the back.

Blomberg’s VitaminCare+ keeps your fruits and vegetables fresher longer, too. It utilizes colored LED lights that mimic the sun’s 24-hour cycle of light. With a premium electronic display that has the ability to control it with a finger and a search function, you will find what you are searching for.


A 50/50 fridge-freezer comes with separate doors for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. This gives you more flexibility in the way you arrange your contents and makes it easier to keep food fresh. The doors are also adjustable, which means you can choose your fridge to go with the design of your kitchen.

Our range of freezers 50/50 includes a variety of other useful features. If you like cooking, you’ll love the large salad crisper which keeps your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. There’s also a rack for bottles to store your chilled beverages and a lot models have LED lighting in the fridge compartment that makes everything brighter from frozen treats to leftovers.

The freezer portion of a fridge freezer 50/50 is typically placed on the top which makes it more practical for everyday use. This means that frequently used items are at a convenient height, while less frequently used items are kept in the back and are less likely to be forgotten about. Be careful not to fill your fridge freezer to capacity because it can create heat and impact the efficiency of your energy. To ensure optimal cooling, keep it at 3 quarters.

If you’re a couple or single person who loves to entertain and entertain guests, then you should look for fridge freezers that have handy party settings. These can activate the Super Cool function of the fridge to keep drinks at the ideal temperature. They also produce extra Ice when required. You’ll also find some that come with a party alarm to inform you when guests are expected to arrive.

This Blomberg model is a frost-free fridge freezer that has a large capacity. It comes with a generous 91 litre freezer and four shelves for the fridge, and it has a salad crisper to serve those daily fruits and veggies. You’ll find it easy to track your grocery list thanks to a digital touchscreen, while VitaminCare+ keeps fruit and vegetables, boosting their freshness. It even has a chrome wire wine rack for your most loved bottles.


Fridge Freezers are a essential kitchen appliance that does more than just chill food items, they also keep fresher for longer and include plenty of useful storage options too. Choose a refrigerator-freezer with the desired split. The majority are 50/50, however, there are 75/25 models that have a bigger refrigerator and smaller freezer. These are great for those with many frozen foods. If you prefer, choose an integrated model that will fit right into your kitchen layout to create a seamless finish.

Our selection of Fridge Freezers offer plenty of storage space, including a large capacity of 185 litres inside the fridge freezer beko compartment. You can make use of adjustable glass shelves and door balconies for storing jars and bottles. Two separate drawers, a salad crisper and an Ice cube tray can be found in the freezer, allowing you to store your frozen favorites. Choose a frost-free model and you’ll never need to defrost. This will help to reduce energy costs too.

You can also increase your fridge-freezer’s efficiency with an effective setting known as Holiday Mode which reduces power usage and keeps energy bills down while you’re away. You can also choose the fridge-freezer that has cameras to see what’s inside the unit without having to open the door.

There’s plenty of handy storage in this Hisense fridge freezer with the refrigerator compartment featuring an EasyAccess shelf as well as a VitaFresh fruit and vegetable drawer and an impressive capacity of 101 litres net. There’s even an BigBox freezer compartment, ideal for those grocery store bulk cooking bargains.

A water dispenser and an ice cube tray will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. These models have been designed to ensure that you always have clean, cold drinking water at your fingertips. The Ice cube tray is useful for keeping mixers of drinks cool. Some models have a rapid freeze and cool setting which allows you to rapidly chill and freeze food items, so you’re prepared for a last-minute dinner party. These features are an extra cost to think about when buying refrigerator freezers, but they can be worth the investment for the busy family home.