10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Integrated Fridge Freezer For Sale

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Integrated American Style Fridge Freezers

These integrated american style refrigerator freezers are an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. They sport sleek lines and are designed to blend seamlessly into your cabinets. These models are available in different colours and can be plumbed.

They feature the classic American-style opening, which means you can access both freezer and fridge at eye level. The features include a humidity-controlled drawer as well as water and ice dispensers, and instant access to chilled beverages.


If you want to store food in an elegant and efficient way, an American integrated fridge freezer is a fantastic option. These fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly fit into your kitchen cabinetry. They come with plenty of storage options and new features like water and ice dispensers. These fridge freezers are energy-efficient, which means they will lower your energy bills.

A majority of the integrated American fridge freezers we sell feature glass shelves that are simpler to clean than plastic ones. They are also more efficient in reducing temperature fluctuations and retaining cold. This means your food will stay fresher for a longer time. There are models that have door-in-door storage, which is a great way to access frequently used items without opening the whole fridge and let cool air escape.

Door alarms are a useful feature. They alert you when you open the doors and can prevent unwanted puddles of thawed water or defrosted food. Refrigerators come with built-in water and ice dispensers as well as ice. These are great for those who prefer having chilled and frozen drinks readily available. Some of these are plumbed and can be connected straight to the main water supply, whereas others come with tanks that you’ll have to replenish every now and again.

If you are worried about your new American refrigerator freezer’s impact on your electric bill, you should consider buying appliances that have an energy rating of A or higher. This will reduce the energy use and save you cash on heating bills.


You can find fridge freezers that have additional energy-saving features, based on the model and make. Some come with intelligent controls that automatically alter settings to an energy-efficient setting, as well as LED lighting that consumes 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Some models come with storage solutions to help keep food fresh for longer. For instance, Fresh Zone + technology which stores vegetables and fruits in a drawer that is controlled by humidity and Active Oxygen technology which releases tri-oxygen molecules to prevent bacteria growth.

The best way to determine the energy efficiency of an integrated american style fridge freezer is to look at its energy rating, which is displayed on the appliance’s data sheet. This tells you how good it is for the environment, and how much it will cost to run. All new fridge freezers are required to be equipped with an A+ or better energy rating as part of the government’s Ecodesign standards, which is one of the most important things to take into consideration when purchasing a fridge freezer.

Stylish integrated american style fridge freezers also boast the latest food preservation technology such as fast chill settings, blue light technology and auto defrost, as well as handy accessories like ice and water dispensers and temperature-controlled wine racks. And with storage options inside that include egg racks, salad crisper drawers and more, it’s easy to organize your favourite food items.


There are many options to consider when you are looking to purchase an American fridge-integratedfridge freezer for your new kitchen or replacing one that is already in place. There are numerous styles and sizes of fridge freezers that are integrated fridgefreezer. From double doors to bottom-drawers each one has distinct features.

American-style fridge freezers generally feature a double-door design with the freezer and fridge sat side by side. A large majority of models come with an ice and water dispenser which is great for quickly chilling drinks. Certain American fridge freezers also have technology for temperature zoning, to allow you to store food at the optimum temperature for a longer time.

Look for an LG American-style refrigerator freezer, which has an Instaview window. Knock twice on the mirror glass and it’ll become transparent which allows you to see inside the refrigerator. It’s an excellent feature that will help to avoid those calorie-dense moments when you’re standing with the fridge open, awaiting inspiration to figure out what you need to be purchased. Other features that are useful include an alarm for doors opening that can be reversed, as well as an option to not freeze. If you’re worried about noise pollution, or have an open-plan living area, you can choose models that have been Quiet Mark certified.

Easy to maintain

American style integrated fridge freezers are often the centrepiece of the kitchen and can come with a striking design. They’re typically larger than freestanding models, and you can choose the ratio of fridge to freezer space that best meets your needs. They also come with numerous features and gadgets to keep your food fresher longer, with new innovations like MultiAirFlow and SmartCool. Some models also include chilled-water dispensers and storage for ice.

The top integrated American fridge freezers are easy keep clean too, with lots of antibacterial technology to fight germs. Many of the latest models come with touchscreens that are smart on the fridge doors which can provide you with recipe suggestions set alarms and schedules, control other connected kitchen gadgets and even play videos or your fav music.

Certain brands, such as Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator freezer, have built-in cameras so you can look inside without opening the doors. This can be extremely helpful in those times when you’re looking for inspiration or making your weekly shopping list to determine whether you’re required to buy something else.

Certain manufacturers, such as Fisher & Paykel, make an american fridge freezer that’s fully integrated into the kitchen. This can be achieved by using custom-designed doors for the kitchen cabinet refrigerator section, as well as an infill piece or bridging piece above that is placed between cabinets on either side or high end panels.