11 "Faux Pas" That Are Actually Okay To Do With Your Freezer

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Integrated Fridge Freezers

In your dream kitchen, integrated fridge freezers serve as a silent way of keeping your food fresh. Flexible shelves and useful features such as wine racks give you the illusion of having lots of storage space.

Look for the holiday mode which shuts off your freezer, while leaving the fridge running. Also, look for the Super-cool setting that reduces the temperature quickly, helping keep food frozen.

Space Saving

Integrated fridge freezers are usually smaller than freestanding models, which means they take up less space in your kitchen. They can store up to 350 litres of space, which is enough for 19 bags of food items. You can also find them in different sizes, ranging from’midi’ models to 178cm tall models. Some models have a water dispensing system that connects to the mains power supply, which means you can get cold water at any time.

Look out for other convenient features like HarvestFresh Salad Drawers and NeoFrost Technology that keeps the freezer at a low temperature, reducing energy bills and eliminating unpleasant smells. Plus the Holiday Mode is handy if you’re planning to travel for a few weeks and want to keep your frozen food safe and secure. There are also models with a glass lid, which is easy to clean and keeps the interior at a high level of cleanliness.


Integrated freezers are a great choice for those who want to save space in the kitchen. These appliances combine a refrigerator and a Chest Freezer Uk into one. They can be easily integrated into kitchen cabinets to create an elegant look. A freezer integrated into the fridge is an ideal option for those looking to cut costs on energy costs, since they are more efficient than freestanding models.

Maintaining your freezer’s capacity is vital to ensure energy efficiency. Every when you open your freezer, cold air escapes, and warm air is pushed into it, and this consumes lots of energy. Keep your freezer stocked to ensure the cold air stays inside and the warm air is taken up by the food items. This will decrease your energy usage. You can do this by moving all your food items towards the sides and fronts of the freezer and stuffing the interior spaces with bags of newspaper or shipping peanuts (these are available at a majority of supermarkets).

Another method to reduce your energy bills is to determine which items you use the most often and placing those in the most convenient position for access. You won’t have to move items around in your freezer, which can cause freezer burn.

The latest fridge and freezer models have the feature of ‘fast chill’ or ‘fast freeze’ that allows you to quickly cool your new purchases to the right temperature. This is especially useful when you have a massive grocery delivery to unload and need to get the chilled or frozen products to the right temperature quickly.

The fridge freezer integrated can be mounted as a ‘fixed’ or a’sliding’ model, depending on the way the appliance is installed within the cabinet. The primary distinction between these models is that ‘Sliding’ fridge freezers can be moved if you decide to redesign your kitchen since they can be removed from the cabinet. Fixed fridge freezers can’t be removed since they are built in the cabinet and the fridge is affixed directly to it.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient integrated fridge freezers cool faster and consume less power than older models. This is good for both the environment as well as your energy bills. Pick from low-mid-height models that measure around 130cm in height or tall freezers that are 170-180cm tall.

Many consumers are rushing to purchase refrigerators that are rated as energy efficient this trend has seen integrated freezers that carry green labels rocket up the sales charts. The energy efficiency of household appliances is vital since they consume lots of energy and are always in operation. Fridges and freezers account for a significant proportion of household electricity bills so switching to one that’s more energy efficient will save money on your energy bill.

The best energy ratings are A+A++ and A. Businesses are now required to display this information on their websites so that customers can compare energy ratings while shopping. We found that only a few companies offered options higher than an A on their site.

Spiral freezers that are not fully integrated into the refrigeration and process control system may result in significant energy loss. When there is a change of product and the parameters of the spiral freezer are not adjusted which results in warm product that will not pass quality checks. This is typically caused by temporary setpoints adjustments made in response to production issues, which are later forgotten, leading to an unintentional loss of products and energy waste. Integrating the spiral control system with the refrigeration systems and process systems permits the system to automatically update parameters in line with the product being produced. This helps save energy and helps reduce waste. VaCom Technologies can assist plants in this endeavor by working with the plant to determine parameters for each product line and then integrating spiral free stand freezer controls into the plant control system.