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The hardware-based Google Search Appliance will soon come to an end. This will force companies to find an alternative solution.

Finding a GSA alternative can be an intimidating task. Fortunately, a lot of alternatives are available as a service, so the process of setting them up isn’t as complicated as the technical expertise GSA required to set up from scratch.

1. Customization

The GSA hardware device, previously known as Google Mini, was a low-cost search tool for small and mid-sized businesses. It took up 1U of rack space and was used to index and search documents within an organization. The device was initially designed by Gigabyte Technology and then by Super Micro Computer Inc.

GSA provides a variety of options for customization for search results and UI, including search filters as well as faceted navigation and analytics. The system can also crawl and index multiple websites which allows organizations to perform searches that are federated across multiple private websites on the same network. This is sometimes referred to as enterprise search.

GSA offers a variety of search box widgets that can be used to alter how search results appear on a website. The GSA search engine indexes internal and external websites, as well common repositories like SharePoint, Livelink Documentum and Lotus Notes.

The GSA platform may be a good option for some businesses but it does have limitations. For instance, it does not scale well when searching large amounts of data and is prone to problems with complex queries. In addition, it requires a significant amount of maintenance to ensure the performance and security.

We recommend considering other alternatives to GSA. There are many robust, open-source products available that can accomplish the task more easily. For instance, the renowned Elasticsearch and Apache Solr solutions are a solid choice for enterprise-grade search solutions that offer advanced functionality without requiring expensive custom development. In addition, our new FUSE product is a robust, easy-to-deploy GSA replacement that delivers high relevance right out of the box and can be customized to your requirements.

2. Security

A central search engine will assist in ensuring compliance and security, protecting against leaks of data. Many GSA alternatives allow users to control the way in which the system accesses their information. If they need to restrict the information they view. This is a big deal, especially for companies that deal with personal information.

A large digital stack is an important feature to consider. Google was determined to eliminate extraneous user interface elements and focused on simplicity. The same principles can be applied to search for enterprise. It’s important to find a solution that can meet your individual needs rather than to try and make you fit into a generic template.

Many GSA alternatives also come with an easy installation process. This makes them easier to install and maintain. Some of them offer subscription-based models, which means that a minimum or no IT support is required to maintain the service.

It’s important to evaluate your current search infrastructure to determine the most effective way to proceed. The clock is ticking, and a late migration can be costly in terms of time and resources.

Mindbreeze InSpire is a newer and more advanced version of Google Search Appliance that offers an easy and low-risk migration option for customers already using the service. This solution provides users with a powerful method to find, organize and analyze semantically the data in your company. Users can then take action based on the information they’ve discovered. With the capability to connect to more than 450 sources out-of-the-box, InSpire also supports any custom GSA connectors you currently have in place. This means that a smooth transition to a better solution is possible, while keeping all your valuable data.

3. Scalability

GSA Google Search is a powerful and customizable tool with a range of options that can meet the needs of any company. It can index both internal and external content, and provides users with a single search source. It allows companies to access a variety of SaaS platforms, including Shopify Hubspot, and Zendesk, from a central location. It is also a way to locate the login details hidden behind a username.

Additionally, the program is extremely scalable and can handle millions of documents. Google claims that businesses will double the amount of digital files every 12 to 18 months. Scalability is therefore a key requirement for enterprise search. GSA Google search can also filter results by metadata, so users can locate what they’re looking for fast.

The ability to search using wildcard characters is another feature that is extremely useful for users in the enterprise. This allows you to search for a specific item without having to know what it is. GSA google search is also adaptable and learns from its users. This allows it to deliver more relevant results over time.

While the Google Search Appliance is being eliminated but it has served a lot of businesses well. If your company is considering switching to a different search engine, you should think about all your options. There are several alternatives that can fulfill the same functions as GSA as well, such as Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. These options are installed on servers but are highly adaptable. They can also be configured to meet your particular requirements. They can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises.

4. Reliability

In addition to being among the most powerful link building tools money can purchase, GSA SER offers an extremely high degree of reliability. It can run without your intervention, unlike many other SEO tools. It is also highly customizable. You can add or remove search engines, target URLs and much more, to suit your needs. You can also set a bandwidth limit which is useful for people with limited resources (like VPSs with limited memory or computers with low RAM).

The software can find and create accounts on websites where it discovers backlinks, and then send content to them without you having to do anything. This program is a fantastic time-saver as it eliminates the need to manually look for new sites and create accounts.

GSA SER’s ability to scrape websites and index them is another feature that makes it stand out from other SEO tools. This allows it to build a large number of backlinks from sites that would otherwise be difficult to achieve through manual submission. It also has the capability to index blogs that aren’t in the public domain, as well as video-sharing websites like YouTube.

It’s not too surprising that Google stopped updating the hardware and software it relies on for GSA. In 2017, it’s impossible to manage computers that crash constantly or prone to security vulnerabilities. There are a variety of options to upgrade to a more modern analytics and search platform. Attivio’s cognitive-based search platform, for instance, is a highly efficient and easy to implement alternative to the GSA Appliance.

5. Integrations

Google Search Appliance offers a variety of integration options that can aid users in finding information or results faster. For example, it can sort search results based on metadata. This allows individuals to search for a specific item for instance, a document or email without knowing its exact title. It also allows wildcard characters to find words or phrases that are similar to the item being that were searched for. This enables search results to be more relevant to the user. As time passes the search engine adjusts to the preferences of users. It can also recognize synonyms and keywords and translates searches into more than 70 languages.

GSA can index both cloud computing applications and physical files. Security features ensure that users are able to only access the information they are permitted to access. It is equipped with advanced capabilities to analyze and display results from searches. It also lets organizations create search and insight-based apps that integrate with their business systems.

The search engine allows you to filter results based on various criteria such as keywords and date ranges. It can sort results based on content type or location of documents. Users can also save their most popular search terms. It can also show the top results and even provide a list of similar searches. This helps you find information quickly.

Many retailers have inquired about GSA alternatives this year since Google’s Search Appliance product is set to end its life cycle in 2019. While Google has said that it will launch a cloud-based alternative before removing enterprise customers entirely it is unlikely that this will be the case anytime soon. Fortunately, there are plenty of solid open-source alternatives that could replace GSA’s functionality. However using one of these alternatives requires technical expertise that most retailers lack.