13 Things You Should Know About Cheap Integrated Fridge Freezer That You Might Never Have Known

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Tall Integrated Fridge Freezers

Tall integrated fridge freezers integrate seamlessly into kitchen cabinets to create a hidden fridge aesthetic. They are popular with homeowners who have contemporary-style kitchens or those seeking an elegant look.

These fridge freezers cut down on maintenance by eliminating frost completely or cutting it down to a minimum. These fridge-freezers also have smart features, like the ability to use a food camera, which allows you to check the contents of your fridge without opening the door.


Refrigerators with integrated fridge freezers are designed to play a hidden role in the kitchen of your dreams. But don’t let the appearance be deceiving you. Inside, they feature huge storage spaces that includes useful features such as milk compartments and bottle racks. They provide flexible storage that can be adapted to your preferences and are equipped with smart technology that keeps foods at their top quality.

The largest Siemens refrigerator-freezer comes with a capacity of 271 litres. The Skin Condenser Technology stops moisture from forming between your appliance and kitchen cabinets so that you can keep your food fresher for longer. The reversible doors allow you to easily move in and out, and the LED skylighting inside makes it easier to locate items.

Siemens offers a variety of ratios that range from a 50:50 split up to 60/40 and 70/30. This lets you have a bigger fridge compartment for fresh food and leftovers, while still having plenty of freezer space to store frozen treats and ready-to-eat meals.

The VarioZone smart technology lets you personalize the storage space, to store and dispense foods at their optimal temperature and humidity. This will maintain the freshness, taste, and nutrients. Add the external ice and water dispenser that delivers cold water, ice cubes and crushed ice at the push of a button and you’ll have one of most advanced fridge freezers on the market.


A tall and spacious integrated fridge-freezer is distinct from a conventional refrigerator. It is important to think about the style you’d like to have for your kitchen when buying. An integrated fridge freezer is hidden behind doors that match the cabinetry. It is almost invisible and won’t obstruct the overall design. This is ideal for people who have modern kitchens or who want a sleek and minimalist design. These fridges also provide many clever storage options, including adjustable shelving and convertible cooling drawers.

The most notable difference is that these refrigerators are unable to be used as freestanding models since they require an individual cabinet. This can mean they more expensive than a model that is stand-alone, however it is not uncommon for manufacturers to include additional costs like doors for kitchen cabinets and bridging cabinets in the price of the appliance.

It’s important to consider the split option when selecting an integrated fridge freezer for sale refrigerator freezer. This will help determine if your existing cupboard doors can be used with your new appliance. (Check out our buying guide for further information on fridge-freezer splitting types). As a general rule most appliances fit inside a refrigerator cabinet that has a 60Wx60D opening. However there are a few exceptions, so make sure to check before buying.

Energy efficiency

In recent years, manufacturers have made improvements to refrigerator freezer designs to improve their energy efficiency. This is due in part to better insulation standards, new compressor technology and better temperature control. This has cut down on their energy consumption and operating costs. Check the kWh figures on the labels for energy to determine how the energy your appliance is using and look for models with an A – or higher rating.

Integrated refrigerator freezers are perfect for homeowners looking to create a minimalist design for their kitchen. They are designed to fit inside the kitchen that is fitted out, and appear hidden behind cabinet doors.

If you’re considering an integrated fridge freezers frost free refrigerator freezer, you should think about the size of your room. Because they need to fit into a cabinet for housing, they tend to be bigger than freestanding refrigerators. This means you may need to add extra tall end panels or a bridging cabinet in the event that your fitted kitchen cabinets are taller than your fridge freezer.

At Currys, we stock an array of fridge freezers to suit every kind of home. We have a wide range of models from top brands such as Hotpoint and Bosch no matter if you are looking for a low-energy model or a huge appliance. Browse our collection to find the ideal fridge freezer for your needs.


Fully integrated fridge freezers are ideal for homeowners who wish to create a unified decor in their kitchen. These appliances can be hidden behind cabinet doors for a sleek look.

Depending on the model you choose the taller models can come with a range of smart features designed to enhance your day-to-day life. It could be an in-built water dispenser that allows you to easily access chilled water while keeping your decor. Other models in the range have LED lighting that can be adjusted to suit your taste or intelligent sensor controls that manage temperatures, eliminating the need to manually defrost.

Although it is possible to make a tall integrated fridge freezer freestanding, it isn’t recommended as the appliance needs to be installed in an cabinet for kitchen use. This can impact the ventilation and airflow which can have an impact on how well the appliance functions. Freestanding fridges and freezers are harder to open than a built-in model because it does not have doors for kitchen cabinets attached. This is among the main reasons homeowners prefer an integrated fridge freezer over a freestanding model.