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Buying a Chest Freezer Near Me

A chest freezer can decrease the number of trips to the market to save time as well as money, and can also help preserve food items. The appliances are available in a variety of sizes and prices.

When choosing a freezer, take into consideration your living space and storage requirements. look for features such as adjustable storage baskets or doors that can be reversed.


Whether you buy in bulk or want to keep frozen meals on hand, a chest freezer is an essential appliance for many households. Sears has a variety of freezers that come in various sizes and styles, including chest freezers that are garage-ready. They have hinged lids that can open to reveal an expansive storage space. They are more tall and wider than upright models. Many freezers come with bins that can be removed to help with organization. Some models feature frost-free technologies to reduce maintenance.

Generally, chest freezers are more energy efficient than upright freezers. They also have more open, usable space and don’t require as much room for doors to close and are therefore easier to use. However, their design might make it difficult to locate specific items, as the space isn’t as well-organized as upright freezers.

The size of your freezer will be contingent on how much food is stored and how often the items are prepared and frozen. A good rule of thumb is 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space for every household member. Small chest freezers that have up to six cubic feet of storage space are ideal for storing food items and snacks for two or three people. Up to 16 cubic feet can be stored in larger models.

Energy efficiency

Many chest freezers are more energy efficient than standard refrigerators, especially if they have the energy STAR label. Some chest freezers have a front-mounted drainage system that allows you to defrost manually without opening the appliance. This feature makes it easier to keep a chest freezer operating at its best.

The capacity of the chest freezer can play a part in its energy efficiency. Smaller models, like the Midea Mini fridgemaster chest freezer Freezer or Koolatron 5 cu. The ft. Mini Freezer is perfect for storing pints and quarts of milk, flexible bags of fruit, and even small amounts of Ice cream. They can endure temperatures as low as 35 degrees and up to 100. This makes them an ideal option for those who are limited in space, or who want an additional freezer they can carry when traveling.

Larger chest freezers, like the Frigidaire 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer, provide more space for larger quantities of ready-to-eat food items or frozen ingredients you purchase in large quantities. Many of these models have an internal LED light for easy food identification, and some even have removable storage baskets that make it easier to organize your frozen foods.

Determine the area you want to use for your freezer, including the doorways that it’ll have to traverse. This will ensure the unit is able to fit. It’s also important to take into consideration the temperature range of the area where you intend to store your freezer, as some freezers aren’t built for frigid environments, such as garages or basements.


A chest freezer can help you save money if you have a busy family who cooks in large quantities or is a hunter who has extra meat. It also makes it easy to cook seasonal dishes and reduce grocery shopping trips according to Vincent Finazzo, owner of the Philadelphia-area specialty grocer Riverwards Produce.

A chest freezer is a practical way to store food for a prolonged period of time, and it’s also easy to use. Some models even have an adjustable basket to organize your frozen foods. Some models also have LED interior lights to make it easier to locate food items without tripping over boxes and bags.

Some models are smaller, but still provide plenty of storage for large families and those who loves cooking in batches. They also have a power indicator and a seven-setting temperature control.

Another advantage of chest freezers is the low profile that makes it easy to place in a pantry or closet. It’s also easier to access than a deep-freezer, since you don’t have to reach down to grab food. However, chest freezers can take up a lot of floor space and are heavy and therefore, you may need to measure your space prior to purchasing one. It should be kept away from heat sources to maximize its effectiveness.


If you’re looking to cut down your trips to the supermarket and save on energy expenses A chest freezer is an excellent option. It also allows you to store food for all year round. This is especially beneficial for hunters, gardeners, and farmers. You can keep meat packages, fruits and vegetables and other items for use later on.

One of the main things to take into consideration when buying a chest freezer is its capacity. While small and midsize models are able to fit into a variety of spaces, large chest freezers require a lot of headroom over them. If you have limited space, consider a model that has an internal LED light, movable bins to keep smaller items in separate bins and temperature controls that are adjustable.

Comparing upright freezers with chest freezers is more efficient since they operate at a lower temperatures and don’t have doors. They are also less prone to temperature fluctuations and ice buildup. They are also generally less expensive to run than upright ones.

If you’re looking for an extra-large or small chest freezer there are a variety of options available at Lowe’s. Begin by determining how much space you have available in your home. Then take into consideration factors like whether it’s in close proximity to any sources of heat or other sources, the size of any doorways it’ll have to clear, and its weight.