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Private ADHD Diagnosis – Why You Should Choose a Private ADHD Clinic

ADHD is a condition that is often not recognized and is not treated, which comes at a significant cost to individuals and society. This is in part because of the attitude of gatekeepers who control referral pathways.

It is possible to get an individual diagnosis through the NHS ‘Right To Choose’ scheme that allows you to be referred to a qualified provider who has a contract with the NHS. This could speed the process up.

Waiting times

The NHS is overwhelmed by the demand for ADHD assessment and treatment, resulting in long waiting times. Some patients are waiting for seven years to get their first assessment, a charity has warned. adhd assessment for adults near me Action, a charity, warned that adults who have not been diagnosed with ADHD are in a dangerous position. The charity ADHD Action said that this is despite the fact that the awareness of ADHD has risen, thanks to celebrities like Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha who have been open about their struggles.

One of the main reasons for the long waiting times is that there are not enough NHS ADHD specialists to meet the demand. The NHS doesn’t regularly collect data, which makes it difficult to determine how many people are currently waiting for an assessment of ADHD. People who have access to private healthcare can opt for a different path, by asking their doctor for an out-of-area referral or by paying privately for an ADHD assessment.

A private adult adhd assessment near me assessment is a 45 to 90 minute consultation with psychiatrists who inquire about your medical history and symptoms. The psychiatrist will suggest a treatment or medication based on the findings. Private assessments are a good option for those looking for a quick, accurate diagnosis. However, you should note that some providers require an GP referral letter, whereas others do not. This could impact your options should you choose to sign a shared-care arrangement with your GP. In this case you will only be charged the NHS prescription fees for your prescriptions.

It can be stressful to receive an ADHD diagnosis, especially when your symptoms are causing stress. It can be a relief. A clear diagnosis can improve your life by assisting you make better decisions. Here are some tips to find the right doctor for you if you’re thinking of a privately diagnosed patient.

When selecting a psychiatrist, check the doctor’s credentials and experience. The psychiatrist should not only possess a doctorate, but also have completed specialized training within the field of mental health. It is also important to determine whether the psychiatrist is licensed to prescribe medications. Also, you should ensure that the psychiatrist has a special interest in treating ADHD. The psychiatrist should also be able identify and treat co-morbidities associated with ADHD.


Psychiatrists hold medical degrees and are specialists in diagnosing and treating mental health problems. They can help with emotional and physical issues, such as ADHD. Many psychiatrists are experts in a variety of fields such as psychotherapy social work, pharmacology and psychotherapy. Some psychiatrists have been trained in transcultural psychotherapy and have extensive knowledge of both child and adult psychotherapy.

If you’re interested in being diagnosed with ADHD You should begin by speaking to your GP about your concerns. They will consider your concerns seriously and refer you to an assessment. You should be prepared to discuss your symptoms and family history, as these can have an impact on the diagnosis. Before referring you to a specialist for assessment, your GP may ask you to complete an ADHD screening questionnaire. It can take up to an hour, and is usually completed in person, however you can also complete the questionnaire over the telephone or by an via video calls online.

Only a Psychiatrist, or a specialist nurse, is able to conduct an assessment for ADHD. Only these health professionals can prescribe medication for this condition. If you do not want to use medication, you may still see a psychologist. The assessment usually lasts for 90 minutes, but you can anticipate spending longer than that because your Psychiatrist is going to be looking into your symptoms and the history.

A recent report on the BBC’s Panorama program highlighted the long waits for ADHD assessments on the NHS. The program also questioned some private ADHD assessment services. The report alleged that some psychiatrists are diagnosing adult with ADHD and prescribing drugs to them without properly assessing the severity of their symptoms. In some instances, patients do not follow the prescribed medication. This could result in serious side effects, such as insomnia or high blood pressure.

Currently, NHS patients can choose the GP they wish to visit for an ADHD evaluation. Here is a list GPs who offer this service. The list doesn’t include every provider who has signed a contract with NHS England. Right to Choose allows you to access private treatment, however, consultation fees will not be subsidised.

CBT therapy

There are a myriad of treatments for adults with ADHD. The most popular is stimulant medication, however there are many other non-medicated treatments that can be helpful. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can aid in reducing symptoms of ADHD by changing negative thoughts and behaviors. This type of therapy is typically an amalgamation of sessions with a group or individual, and requires a strong relationship with your therapist. You should also consider whether you are suffering from any mental health issues like anxiety or depression, which can affect your ability to manage your symptoms.

It is important that you discuss with your GP about your concerns. They should take your concerns seriously and refer you for an ADHD evaluation. You may be asked to fill out an assessment such as the DIVA test. You will be able to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss your issues and determine the best treatment options.

A private ADHD assessment is a great alternative if you’re unable to wait for an NHS referral. A private assessment involves an interview lasting between 45 and 90 minutes with an adult ADHD specialist psychiatrist. It will cost between PS500 to 800. Some providers require an appointment with a GP and some don’t.

A diagnosis of ADHD can enhance your life by assisting you to cope with your symptoms, and reduce stress levels. It can also decrease the likelihood of impulsive actions that can cause problems in your work or personal relationships. Many people with ADHD can also benefit from joining an organization that offers support. These groups can be a supportive, empowering environment for those suffering from ADHD. You can find them on the internet or in person.

It is vital to know that only a Psychiatrist or qualified specialist nurse can prescribe medication for ADHD. Psychologists and other mental healthcare experts can evaluate ADHD, but cannot diagnose the disorder. A Psychiatrist, specialist nurse or another mental health professional can recommend the appropriate treatment for ADHD. This could involve medications, lifestyle modifications or psychological interventions.


With the increasing awareness of ADHD increasing numbers of people are seeking treatment for their symptoms. The NHS is unable to meet the demands. This is particularly true for adults who require ADHD assessment which can last up to several weeks. Private clinics can provide people with ADHD with quick and convenient assessments. These clinics offer a thorough ADHD evaluation, including a written diagnosis. If necessary, they will prescribe medication.

BBC’s Panorama program recently exposed a variety of private health clinics in the UK that were giving inappropriate ADHD diagnoses. These clinics take advantage of the growing demand for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. This doesn’t mean that people with ADHD should stop seeking medical attention. It is crucial to remember that the condition is serious and can affect many aspects of life. Untreated ADHD can cut the lifespan by 12.7 years(2).

It isn’t easy to receive an accurate diagnosis for ADHD particularly if you have a GP who is hesitant or has preconceived beliefs about the disorder. Despite the increasing awareness of the disorder, these prejudices persist and can hinder people from receiving the correct diagnosis. It is also important to recognize that just because you’re paying for healthcare doesn’t make it OK to bend the rules. Your healthcare provider should follow NICE guidelines for diagnosing ADHD.

If your doctor is unwilling to send you to an ADHD assessment and treatment, you can seek out an individual psychiatrist. He will assess you and prescribe medication if needed. The psychiatrist will also conduct a medical interview with you to determine if your ADHD symptoms are affecting your life. The psychiatrist will inquire about your family history as well as your life experiences to determine the severity of your ADHD.

The private assessment will usually include a complete ADHD report which can be sent to your GP. It could be used to support claims for reasonable accommodations at work or Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).