20 Inspiring Quotes About Renault Clio Car Key Replacement

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Renault Clio Car Key Replacement

If your renault clio car key is damaged or lost, it’s a good idea to find an expert locksmith who can assist. Locksmiths can create replacement keys and also disable your old key making it much more difficult for someone to steal the car.

The process is quicker than with the main dealer as well.

Chipped Keys

Renault Clio, a supermini vehicle that was first introduced in 1990, is being manufactured today. It is one of the most popular cars in Europe and has been named European Car of the Year twice. The reason for this popularity is its ability to provide customers the convenience of being able to lock and start the car with one key. Each key is equipped with a transponder embedded in its head to ensure that only genuine Renault Clio keys can be used to unlock or start the car. Beishir Lock and Security will replace your key for a fraction of the cost of a dealer if it has been damaged, lost or stolen.

A transponder chip is a small electronic microchip embedded into the head of the car key which gets its name from the fact that it houses an transponder or transmitter as well as a receiver. When the key is inserted into the ignition lock and then turned to turn, an antenna ring in the immobilizer of the vehicle transmits a radio signal the transponder chip. The chip responds to the antenna ring by sending a coded signal. If the serial number is correct, the engine can be started.

This is the way modern Renault is designed. It is a vital security measure to deter thieves from copying your keys and using it to start your vehicle and then selling it on black market. The chips aren’t powered by batteries but instead are energized by radio signals that they receive from the immobilizer.

Transponder keys can also be sensitive to mechanical shocks and submersion into water, so care must be taken when using your key to avoid causing damage. For instance dropping your key onto an examination surface or submerging it in water will result in the chip being short circuited and the key won’t work.

The price of a renault key chip is more expensive than the basic non-transponder key. However, the extra manufacturing costs are worth it since they protect your car from theft. Certain manufacturers do not require specialized equipment to program a new chip key, however, this will depend on the year and model of your vehicle. Some, like Chevrolet and Ford, use a password transponder that can be copied using an ordinary key programmer.

Key Cards

Renault key cards let you to open the car and start the engine without having to insert your key into the lock. Key cards use radio signals to communicate with the car and its sensors. The sensors are positioned throughout the car and detect the card. When it is near enough that the doors will open. If the button is hit the car will switch on the ignition. These keys are very popular and simple to use. However, they could be damaged and the card needs to be replaced if that occurs.

Behind the hands-free card’s minimalist plastic case is a sophisticated electronic core that’s programmed to continually ‘communicate’ with the car it’s connected to. When it’s approached, it emits a radio signal containing an access code that’s verified by receiver-transmitters in the vehicle. If it’s recognized the vehicle unlocks and opens all doors automatically. It is locked when you take off the card.

It is important to have an extra Renault card in case you lose your primary one. It will allow you to still drive the vehicle until you can wait for a replacement key fob or transponder chip to arrive. If you lose your keys, it is recommended to look at every place in which you keep them. Also, notify your insurance company as soon as you can to allow them to locate your vehicle.

If you happen to lose your renault clio key key card or break it there are numerous firms that specialize in providing replacements. They can create an exact copy of your renault car key fob for significantly less than it costs to go through the dealer. Beishir Lock and Security is one company that has the largest variety of Renault key fobs available in the UK and produces replacements for only a fraction of the cost of the dealership.


Immobilisers are anti-theft devices that stop your car from being started if you use the wrong key code or if it is illegally started. They have been mandatory in cars since 1998 in England and Wales but some were fitted by the factory prior to that. You can find out if your renault clio key has one by contacting your mechanic or going to the website of the car manufacturer and contacting them.

The immobiliser system is activated by sending an indication from the key to a reader within the dashboard, which examines the response received by the key. If the codes match, same, the car will begin. If not, then the engine won’t start and it will also disable at least two other functions – usually air conditioning and fuel.

If you own a brand newer Renault car keys are likely to have a transponder within its head. This means that only genuine Renault key can activate the immobiliser. If you own an older Renault key, you will have to replace it by a locksmith to keep thieves from stealing it from your vehicle.

However, it’s worth noting that this system isn’t foolproof and can still be defeated by more sophisticated thieves. For instance, in 2014 a researcher named Bokslag has cracked three different varieties of Renault immobiliser systems for cars in just ten seconds. The method he used was an antenna and laptop to intercept messages sent through the vehicle’s CAN-bus.

You can make the immobiliser on your Renault more secure by storing your keys in a faraday pouch that blocks signals and prevents them from being thrown from windows and door. You can also invest in a steering lock that will prevent the car from being driven if keys are stolen from it.

If you’re worried about theft, you should speaking with your insurance company to find out if there are any discounts available for installing additional security features. Thatcham Research maintains a list of approved safety devices. You may be able lower your insurance premiums by installing an immobiliser that is after-market or other mechanical deterrents, like a steering lock.

Remote Fobs

A key fob is a tiny electronic device that connects to a vehicle’s computer to perform various functions. When the key fob is activated, it emits a radio signal that has an unique code. The code is detected by a receiver in the car. Once the car recognizes the code, it allows the driver to unlock or start the vehicle. The key fob is also able to control other functions like the panic alarm as well as other security systems.

Most key fobs are designed to allow drivers to lock and unlock their vehicle at a distance. The buttons on the fob can also be used to allow for other functions, like lowering the windows or starting the engine. Many modern cars are fitted with a key fob that can also control the power sunroof. This feature can be especially useful on a warm day and help keep the interior cool.

The key fob can be a small plastic or metal device. Some are thin, flat and round with a button at each end. These keys aren’t as secure as the traditional ones but they do provide convenience and safety.

Key fobs employ a process known as rolling codes to stop hacking and attempts to clone. When a user presses a button, the key fob as well as the car’s receiver generates a new code. This makes it almost impossible for attackers to clone the signal and gain access to the car.

Some older fobs can be programmed by the owner, while others require locksmith or dealer programming. The ones that can be programmed by the owner are those that operate on infrared or radio frequency or infrared systems. The newer models require a locksmith or a dealership to program them using a specific tool or software.

Renault’s latest cars, like the Clio or Megane are equipped with keyless entry systems that are controlled by a keyfob. This is a simple way to unlock the car and start it up, and can also help prevent key theft. It is also beneficial to have a spare key fob in the event that one is lost or damaged.