20 Rising Stars To Watch In The Fridges For Sale Industry

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Cheap Fridges For Sale

Fridges are available in a variety of designs and finishes. You can find top-freezer refrigerators that are cheaper than French door models.

You can also look for smart fridges with Wi-Fi connectivity and an energy star rating to help you save on your energy bills. They are also connected via apps, so you can monitor and control them remotely from your phone.

GE GTS18HGNRBB Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Top mount refrigerators also known as bottom freezers are a favorite option for modern homes. They are cost-effective and come in a variety of styles, sizes and capacities. They are available with built-in and freestanding models to fit various kitchen spaces. The GE GTS18HGNRBB is good example of such a fridge. It has been able to pass the Refrigerators test program at Consumer Reports and performs well in temperature uniformity, which determines how evenly it keeps its fresh food and freezer sections. Its thermostat is also very responsive to changes of room temperature. It has a large and durable interior that is simple to clean.

LG RF28FDS3F French Door Refrigerator

This model is a great choice for those looking to save money while sacrificing functionality on a French-door fridge. It’s smaller than many of the models we reviewed however, it has plenty of storage space for your groceries. It also has a temperature-adjustable drawer that can be used to store snacks, deli cheeses, meats, or chilled wines.

This drawer is known as the Full-Converter Drawer by LG. It has five temperature settings that range between -7 and 41 degrees F. The drawer also provides extra space in the refrigerator that can be useful for larger platters or drinks. The rest of its interior is standard, with two humidity sliders for each of the two crisper bins. There are also four half-width shelves that keep spills out and a full-width drawer for delis located at the bottom of the freezer called the Glide and Serve Drawer.

As with other LG fridges in our 2023 ratings, this one has a PrintProof finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. Smart ThinQ allows you to control the functions of your fridge using your smartphone. This fridge also comes with dual ice makers that produce crushed cubed, cubed, and Craft Ice, which is slow-melting round-ice that is perfect for cocktails.

This model doesn’t have many of the features which make our top picks so distinctive. It doesn’t have an inside water dispenser, which is perfect for families that like to drink a glass of water or an ice cold drink. And it doesn’t have the door-in-door feature that lets you open the fridge with just two quick knocks that are great for getting an ice-cold drink or snack. It’s also more substantial than a counter-depth refrigerator, so those looking for a fridge that is close to the countertop need to look elsewhere.

Samsung RF27FDS3F Smart Refrigerator

Samsung smart fridges come with a built-in touchscreen in the door. You can leave notes for family members or housemates, look up recipes, and use apps to check the temperature of your refrigerator, and much more. You can also connect your refrigerator via Wi-Fi and stream videos or send a message. Smart refrigerators can be used to remotely view the interior through built-in cameras, diagnose problems and resolve them, and make adjustments to the refrigerator’s energy consumption temperatures.

The RF27FDS3F, the latest version of Samsung’s flagship smart refrigerator, is on sale for just $2,500. While it’s not as premium as its predecessor, it is a good choice for those looking to bring Samsung’s touchscreen technology into their home. It’s priced about $2500, which is a bit more than GE’s coffee-making smart fridge, but much less than the price you’d need to shell out for LG’s Smart InstaView refrigerator.

While this fridge has a few useful features, the majority of them aren’t particularly useful. The app is able to assist you in tracking expiration dates and food items however it does this using a cumbersome interface that’s no easier or quicker than managing those things through your smartphone or a piece of paper.

The RF27FDS3F to monitor your refrigerator remotely, however you’ll need to have a Samsung account to be able to do this. The refrigerator doesn’t work with the Samsung SmartThings connected home platform as extensively as the model that came before it did, though it does support Samsung smart lights and smart TVs. You can also mirror the display of your phone through the touchscreen on your refrigerator in order to watch a film or TV show. This feature isn’t activated by default, and you have to enable it through the Family Hub connection screen.

Frigidaire FF30TFR Top-Freezer Refrigerator

The Frigidaire FF30TFR top-freezer refrigerator provides reliable, efficient cooling with a space-saving design that complements the style of your kitchen. This refrigerator is Energy Star certified for efficiency and comes with adjustable glass shelving that lets you alter the arrangement of your food storage. Pick white, brushed steel or black finishes that blend seamlessly with the decor of your kitchen.

It is easy to locate your favorite foods with LED lighting in this refrigerator, which comes with a convenient external water dispenser that lets you enjoy cold drinks on demand without opening the door. Infiniti slides shelves can be adjusted to accommodate taller items. A glass shelf that is frameless in the freezer makes it easier to organize larger frozen goods. This model comes with an ice maker built in and a water dispenser positioned on the door with EveryDrop(tm) filter to give you easy access to clean, fresh drinking water.

If you’re looking to monitor your fridge remotely, or even control it from your smartphone, check out the Samsung RF27FDS3F French door smart refrigerator. This model is connected to your home Wi Fi and has a capacity of 27.7 cubic foot, an ice maker built in and is monitored via the Samsung SmartThinQ App and Bixby. It’s available in a sleek, fingerprint-resistant finish that looks great in any kitchen and includes four standard storage bins as well as the Custom-Flex bin for taller cans.

If you’re looking for an extra large French door fridge with bottom freezer or a small refrigerator to keep drinks and snacks in the kitchen bedroom or any other space you’ll find the ideal one for your kitchen at Sam’s Club. Enjoy our member-only discounts on the latest models of refrigerators.

Frigidaire FF30TFR French Door Refrigerator

The top-of-the-line fridge from Frigidaire has a compact footprint but still has plenty of storage space. It’s Energy Star Certified for efficiency and has a convenient freezer drawer with adjustable glass shelves for freezers, and a reversible door. It’s available in brushed-steel or white, as well as black. The model doesn’t have separate controls for freezer and refrigerator temperatures.

If you’re looking for more fridge capacity than this compact unit, consider the GE GTS18HGNRBB. This French door refrigerator comes with an impressive 27 cubic feet of interior space, enough for the majority of families. It also comes with doors that can be reversible, adjustable shelves, and a high-end icemaker. It’s also louder than our Frigidaire model, and the freezer compartment feels a bit warmer than what we like in.

Another option is to go for a bottom mount larder fridge with more space and a sleek appearance. These types of refrigerators tend to be a bit quieter than French door refrigerators, and they typically come with more storage options for flexible food organization.

Certain models, like this KitchenAid fridge, come with smart refrigeration features to help keep your food fresher for longer. The Custom-Flex temperature zone, which converts from refrigerator to freezer, and CrispSeal Crispers that eliminate odors while delaying over-ripening are all included. It also includes a Produce Preservation System that helps preserve the nutritional value in your fruits and vegetables.

Shop for a refrigerator that’s specifically designed to complement your home and lifestyle. Select from a selection of built-in or freestanding models that are able to be placed seamlessly behind doors that match. There are also retro designs in fun colors from Smeg or sleek finishes of graphite, steel, and black from brands such as Samsung and LG.