5 Reasons To Be An Online Narwal Robot Vacuum Business And 5 Reasons Not To

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Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop

Narwal is a relative newcomer to the robot vacuum market. It’s a sweeping/mopping hybrid that’s quite impressive. It’s also costly and hobbled by a clunky app with a steep curve.

To mop, you place a sheet of detergent into the base station’s water tank that is clean. Then it makes use of clean water to wash the pads and scrub floors using 10N pressure.

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The Narwal T10 robot vacuum can clean and scrub hard floors. Its smart navigation and mapping system is built on simultaneous localization (SLAM) technologies. It also has anti-collision, cliff-sensing and anti-collision technologies that help to prevent the machine from falling down a staircase or accidentally hitting furniture. It can also identify and avoid rug. This is a typical issue for many robot vacuums, mops and hybrids.

The robot has two huge water tanks: one to keep clean water and one for dirty. It automatically soaks the pads with clean water in the tank before a mopping session. During the mopping process sensors notify you when it’s time to change out the pads and refill the water. It uses 16 ounces, which is less water than other robots.

The T10 will automatically dry the pads after you’ve cleaned them. This prevents cross-contamination. Then, it will resume its mopping job from where it left off. This process eliminates the need for hand washing by hand, which is a big plus, as it protects your hands from bacterial and allergens. This feature is exclusive to Narwal. The majority of robot vacuum/mop hybrids simply put their mop heads into buckets of sand that is dirty.

The T10’s mopping function is powered by a motor that turns the pad 3 times per second. This allows for an extra thorough clean especially around corners and edges. The rotating pad and dual side brushes sweep dirt, hair and debris into vacuum slots. This eliminates the need for a dustbin and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional vacuuming.

The app lets you create an outline of your space and allows you to define areas for both sweeping and mopping. The app allows users to select cleaning intensity levels, including a thorough clean that removes any dirt and other debris that has accumulated for a more thorough job. You can also create “no-go zones” to instruct the robot to stay clear of going over area rugs or other obstacles.


Robot vacuums are a vital household appliance that helps keep your home tidy and clean. They can reach and clean areas that traditional vacuums can’t, such as underneath furniture. They can also eliminate dirt, allergens and germs which could cause illness. They can be programmed to clean according to a set schedule and so you don’t need to stress about remembering to clean it yourself. They can clean up places that aren’t accessible to humans, like under the kitchen sink or in the corners of your home. They’re dust-busters that keep your floors clean of bacteria and dirt.

Narwal is different from other robot vacuums in that it’s a mopping machine, with a vacuuming feature added. The large water tanks enable it to mop large areas of floors without having to worry about the need to empty the tank. It comes with mopping modes in which you can choose from different levels of intensity to remove staining that is difficult to remove.

The Brookstone Robot Vacuum‘s navigation is based on LIDAR and SLAM technologies, which permit it to make maps for your home. It can then use those to guide it around your home, laying out a zig-zag cleaning route that ensures a thorough cleaning and avoids cross-contamination. It also comes with anti-collision sensors and cliff sensors to keep it from crashing into tables or falling down the stairs.

Narwal T10 is controlled by voice commands or the Narwal app, similar to other robotic vacuums. It has a small round LED display that shows its current status, and two touch-sensitive buttons on either side control docking, map creation, and the beginning and stopping. The app allows you to modify your cleaning settings as well as arrange scheduled mopping.

It also has a button to switch between vacuuming or mopping modes. This is useful for those who have floors that are dirty and require cleaning them quickly. It’s got an 1800-pa motor that is good at sucking up dirt but struggles to remove debris from carpets and rugs.


The Narwal Freo is a fantastic robot that does a great job of cleaning hard floors. It has large water tanks that are simple to maintain and a variety mopping intensity settings. It is also able to clean small spills and messes from carpet. The vacuuming capabilities aren’t as impressive. Its suction power of 1,800Pa is less than expensive robo-vacuums like the Roborock S6 MaxV Ultra.

The Freo’s smart technology for navigation and mapping gives it the ability to adjust to the environment and plan an efficient cleaning schedule. It makes use of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to build an image of its surroundings. It then works in a zig-zag pattern to ensure an even finish and prevent cross-contamination. This map can be shared with the narwal application, allowing you to modify cleaning settings or create no-go zones.

Once the Freo is mapped, it can automatically continue cleaning where it left. The mops themselves clean, and they return to their dock after each use to rinse and drying. This reduces time and shields hands from allergens and dirt. The Freo also conserves water by using only 16 ounces of water for each mopping cycle, which is about the same amount as you’d find in a grande-sized coffee cup.

This robot can easily switch from mopping to vacuuming. It’s an excellent choice for those who have both types of equipment in their home. It has excellent sweeping capabilities and is effective in cleaning up pet hair and other debris. Dual side brushes on the Freo allows it to get into corners more efficiently than single brush vacuums. Its cliff-sensing, anticollision and anti-stuck functions also aid in avoiding getting stuck or crashing into furniture.

The Narwal T10 is more expensive than most of its competitors, despite being a good vacuum/mop combination. The Narwal T10’s massive base station has two 1.3 gallon tanks that need to be refilled frequently. This can be frustrating particularly if your robot has a tank that fills faster. The app is also a mess and a hassle and doesn’t have the same features of customization you’d expect from a more expensive best robot vacuum and mop.


The Narwal robot mop and vacuum is distinctive among other robovacs that are available. While most others tout great mopping and vacuuming capabilities, with a mopping feature added on the T10 was designed to be a self-cleaning machine from the beginning. Its mopping, sweeping and other features are efficient and easy to manage via the narwal mobile app. The buttons on the base station allow manual adjustments during cleaning.

The Narwal robot vacuum is powered by Lidar and SLAM technologies which make it one of the most intelligent cleaning machines available. It uses its sensors to determine the layout of your home and then transforms that data into a detailed cleaning schedule for your floors. This is a great feature because it allows the T10 to avoid getting lost in your home and to keep track of what it’s doing.

Another distinctive feature of the Narwal is that it can define “no-go zones.” Set up no-go zones in the app so that the T10 beware of certain areas during cleaning sessions. This is useful if you want to avoid the T10 mopping or vacuuming carpets in the area.

The self-cleaning capabilities are impressive, since the T10 will periodically return to its docking station to flush out and resoak its mopping pads. The cleaning system for the pads keeps you from having to soak your mop in dirty water and keeps it free of germs during mopping sessions.

The narwal mop is also designed with a triangular form that covers a larger surface and allows to provide a more thorough clean in small spaces and corners. The dual side brushes help catch dirt and hair and then remove them from the floor so that they don’t block your vacuum or drain its battery.

Narwal is unique from other robotic vacuums due to the fact that it does not have a powerful beater to remove dirt and debris from carpets. It relies instead on its advanced sensors to detect and clean hard surfaces such as wet spots or stains. The narwal vacuum and mop is also energy efficient, making it an ideal choice for late-night cleaning. The motor is also quieter thanks to its high-efficiency.