8 Tips To Increase Your Built In Fridge Freezer 60/40 Game

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Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Built in Fridge and Freezer

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and are looking for something that integrates well with other cabinets, think about a built in fridge and freezer. They come in a variety of heights (84 inches is the norm) and widths.

Some require you to cut them into the wall. This is a complex project that requires demolition and construction.


Many brands offer built-in refrigerators with custom panel-ready fronts that can be matched to other kitchen appliances to create an elegant appearance. Although they can be costly, this investment adds an upgraded design that can boost the value of your home.

These fridges typically feature the top grill, which lets users know where the compressor is. This distinction sets them apart from traditional freestanding fridges, which usually have an open space on either the top or side.

Apart from this feature the built-in fridge is designed to be secured inside cabinets to create a seamless appearance. This kind of installation should be left to the experts.

Built-in refrigerators tend to be larger than freestanding models. This allows them to be put closer to cabinets and counters for better storage.

Both refrigerator types can be purchased from big box stores however built-in refrigerators require more customization, special orders, and unique installation services, which mega retailers do not have the capacity to provide. This kind of product is best bought from local kitchen and bath showrooms and independent appliance dealers.

The most well-known style of built-in refrigerators is a bottom-mount freezer, but there are also French doors and side-byside options to pick from. The size of these refrigerators can vary, as well, with midi models that are more standard in height, and taller models designed for those with high ceilings.


If a sleek look is a priority for your kitchen, you might think about a built-in refrigerator. Because they are incorporated into spaces and can be hidden behind cabinet doors, they don’t appear as prominent as freestanding refrigerators do.

Sub-Zero and Thermador are two brands that offer models that are integrated into your kitchen cabinets. Both companies provide integrated refrigerator freezers in classic and designer models to complement the style of your kitchen.

With the exception of the distinctive grill at the top which is a signature feature of the Sub Zero line they don’t stand out like their conventional counterparts. Designer Series refrigerators are panel-ready so you can cover the front in the cabinet of your choice.

When family or friends visit and visit, they will not be aware that the fridge is a refrigerator. With the right finish, you can make it appear as part of your cabinetry. Choose a stainless-steel model for an elegant appearance or opt for an option that complements the kitchen’s other cabinets. Miele refrigerators for instance, come in 17 different shades, so there’s a shade to suit any design.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a built-in refrigerator is one of its main benefits. The design of the refrigerator allows it to be a perfect fit in your kitchen which saves space while improving the appearance of your home.

Many brands have features that allow food to be preserved and reduce energy consumption. For instance the GE Cafe range comes with a built in freezer that has more storage space than side-by-side models, while using less energy. Other refrigerators, like Bosch’s Evolution series, include a Smart Learner feature that adjusts the energy consumption of your refrigerator depending on your personal habits. This will let you only use your fridge only when it is needed, and cut your energy bill dramatically by not making unnecessary trips.

Many brands have also added foam-inplace insulation to close air gaps and stop heat transfer. The trend towards more efficient refrigeration can also be observed in the rise of and ENERGY STAR rating refrigerators and freezers. These are more eco-friendly.

A built-in refrigerator is an excellent option to make a kitchen remodel. It can enhance the value of your home as well as create an unified look for your entire kitchen. Remember that you will need high ceilings to fit a built-in fridge freezers built in. They typically measure about seven feet high.


Maintaining your refrigerator is essential to keep food fresh and reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills. It is important to check the fridge and freezer on a regular basis to get rid of any food items that are spoiled or unneeded or beverages. Clean the interior of your refrigerator and ensure that no containers or items are blocking the air vents that connect the fridge and freezer. This will prevent mold and contamination. It is also a point to check the expiration dates on food and drinks stored in the refrigerator regularly and avoid storing expired food items.

To keep them working efficiently the condenser coils located at the bottom or back of the fridge must be cleaned at least once every six months. They can get clogged by hair, dirt, grime and other debris that hinders their ability to disperse heat. This can result in lower effectiveness and eventual breakdowns. You could use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for a soft brush or remove the grille and gently wash the coils with warm water.

A fridge or freezer built in can modernize your kitchen and boost the value of your home. Like all appliances however, they’ll require repairs at some time. It is crucial to contact an expert for any repair regardless of whether your refrigerator is built into a cabinet, or freestanding. They are experts with the appliances, and will understand the unique design elements.