8 Tips To Up Your Chest Freezer For Outbuilding Game

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Why Buy a Mini Chest Freezer?

A fridgemaster chest freezer freezer is great for those who like to put up frozen bargains and need extra freezer space. Most often found in garages and outbuildings, they permit you to take advantage of discount prices at supermarkets.

This Currys own brand offers an adequate amount of storage (around five bags) for the price and has an A+ energy rating so it’s affordable to run. It also features a counterbalanced, top which makes it easier to separate food items.


If you’re looking for less space than you need for a tall freezer, but need to stockpile plenty of summer ice cream or batch-cooked winter stews, a compact chest model is the best option. These smaller models are usually smaller and more spacious than larger models, which means they are smaller and take up less space. They can even fit into your garage which makes them a great option for those who grow their own food or who prefer to purchase fresh food in bulk and freeze it as soon as they can.

Some models have an additional basket that keeps bags of frozen peas, or homemade ice-lollies, standing up. This keeps small or often used food items from falling into the bottom of the fridge. They can also be handy to store spare bags of baguettes or bread that have been frozen and other items that you may be able to put in.

The cheapest chest freezers will cost more than PS1000 and are usually placed under the kitchen sink or in the utility room. The Bush BECF99L comes with a stylish black case with an opening for drainage on the front to make defrosting a breeze. It is smaller than a lot of its rivals however, it has a storage capacity of 100-litres. It can hold three bags of grocery items.

Energy efficiency

A chest freezer can make mealtimes easier for families who do a lot of batch cooking or who want to cut down on food waste. It can also help reduce trips to the supermarket particularly if you’re growing your own fruit and vegetables. Vincent Finazzo of Riverwards Produce in Philadelphia says it’s great for storing surplus produce and also for making microwaveable meals.

Chest freezers are generally extremely well-insulated, meaning they don’t lose any of their cold air when the door is opened, which is the case with fridge and freezer doors. They are also extremely energy efficient, especially if you opt for one equipped with low frost technology. Low frost models will require less defrosting and will save the cost of electric bills.

A lot of chest freezers have features that boost their efficiency further. Look for a power cut promise, which indicates that the unit will remain frozen in the event of a power interruption and also a high-temperature warning or light, which warns you when the interior temperature is rising.

You should also look up the freezer’s annual consumption energy in kWh. This will give you an idea of the price it will cost to operate. This figure is usually found in the freezer’s manual or energy label. Some freezers also come with an accessory basket that can be hung over the top of the freezer to prevent small items from getting lost in the chaos below.


This Bosch integrated model has just the right amount of space to be unobtrusive. It is ideal for caravans and motorhomes as well as kitchenettes and student accommodation. It has a good capacity of about 100 litres, sufficient for three bags of shopping, and it’s energy efficient, with an A+ rating which means it will not cost much to run. It can keep food frozen for up to 30 days without power, which makes it a great backup freezer during a blackout.

It is quiet and is simple and minimalist in its design. It is ideal for those who do not want to be disturbed by their freezer while working in the living room or kitchen. It comes with a useful internal light and includes storage baskets for easy organisation.

Storage baskets

Find models with baskets made of wire which clip onto the rim. These baskets will take everyday items such as chopped onions and frozen vegetables off the chaotic mess below. They are also useful for items such as open oven chips or open packets or frozen vegetables that require to be kept in a straight position.

A high-temperature warning light or alarm is a further feature buyers love. It will notify you if the freezer gets too warm after cleaning and defrosting or adding a large amount of non-frozen food. This is an extremely useful security feature, particularly in the event that you plan to keep your mini chest freezer in the garage or outbuildings.

This Bush model provides plenty of freezer space for reasonable prices, despite its tiny size. It’s perfect for storing summer ice-creams or batch-cooked stews in winter. You can also use it as a storage space in your garage or an outbuilding. It’s also easy to get into due to the lid’s counterbalance that doesn’t close around your head when you go through it.

Chest freezers can be notorious for accumulating lots of food-related clutter. If not organized properly, it is easy to forget what they are stocked with. There are many ways to make your small chest freezer more easily accessible and less likely to waste food. The best system of organization, whether it’s a simple magnet list or a comprehensive freezer inventory sheet (there is an example here) will ensure that your chest freezer for outbuilding (please click the next post) freezer runs smoothly.