A Peek In Freezer Table Top's Secrets Of Freezer Table Top

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Table Top Freezer Black

Created with you in mind the 31-litre table top freezer black can fit neatly onto any countertop in the kitchen and comes with a wire shelf. It comes with an F energy rating that is in line with new regulations and also features low frost refrigeration. It is ideal for students, office workers or anyone else who requires an extra freezer space.


The TT02BL from our in-house brand SIA is an excellent small table top freezer black freezer that will fit under the counter and appear elegant and minimalist. Its capacity of 31 litres will be sufficient for most households. its F energy rating means that you can keep your operating costs at a minimum. The TT02BL has a wire shelf that helps to keep food evenly stored and feet that can be adjusted to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

With a great price point and a sleek design, the Montpellier MTF32BK is the ideal mini table top freezer for students, caravans or anyone with a limited space in their home. It’s an ideal addition to any living space. It has a capacity of 31 litres and a sleek black finish. The MTTF32BK also features a low-fost refrigeration system that will help reduce the build-up of frost and reduce the time it takes to defrost. Its F energy rating keeps running costs at a minimum, and the reversed door makes it simple to access the freezer any time you need to.


This Montpellier table top freezer in classic black is a great addition to your kitchen, office, bedroom, or man cave or shed. It is small enough to fit onto a worktop, and it’s easy to clean. It features a 4* freezer rating, with one wire shelf that can keep your frozen items in a uniform manner. The Montpellier tabletop freezer comes with the low-frost refrigeration technology that helps reduce the accumulation of frost in the freezer, meaning you’ll have to defrost it less frequently. With an F energy rating, this appliance helps keep costs low and your carbon footprint down. x

Parts & Labour Warranty of 2 Years.


If you’re in search of more freezer space this black table top freezer from Russell Hobbs can provide you with a fantastic solution. This compact freezer has 31 litres of capacity, making it simple to use. It won’t interfere with your cooking. It also includes an adjustable thermostat as well as a reversible door for added versatility. Even though it’s not the top-rated freezer on this list, its energy efficiency and price make it an excellent value for the money.

Users have reported that the RHTTFZ1B is a reliable freezer that can keep food well frozen and has enough space for their needs. They also have praised its quiet operation and practical storage. However, they have also noted some negative aspects of the product, including difficulty in reversing doors and the overly large packaging.

Subcold Eco35F is another great option. It has a smaller capacity than the RHTTFZ1B but it is F-freezer certified and can keep food for longer durations at 18°C. It has a feature for defrosting and is quiet, which makes it perfect for bedrooms and shared areas. It’s important to weigh your needs and priorities before deciding on which model is the best fit for you.