"Ask Me Anything," 10 Answers To Your Questions About Integrated Fridge Frezer

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Choosing an Integrated Fridge Freezer

If you want a consistent style, an integrated refrigerator freezer can be easily integrated into the cabinet doors in the kitchen. They can be concealed when not in use unlike freestanding appliances.

These fridge freezers are designed to make your life simpler, reducing chores such as defrosting and adding convenience features like adjustable shelves, twin fruit and vegetable bins, and door racks.


When it is a fridge freezer integrated models tend to be more popular than freestanding models. They can blend in with the background behind the cabinet doors. This creates a sleek minimalist look that’s appealing in many kitchen designs. This makes them an excellent choice if you’re planning to give your kitchen a makeover or are designing it from scratch. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, they also provide plenty of storage space so that you can keep all your food and drinks easily within reach.

However, when you’re choosing a fridge freezer with an integrated design there are some things you need to consider. First, you must look at the capacity of the appliance. Storage in the fridge and freezer is usually measured in litres, and it’s important to know the amount you’ll need prior to buying. You’ll want to choose a model that has enough capacity for your needs but not too big, to ensure that you don’t squander energy or end with an overflow.

You might want to consider the larger capacity of your appliance based on the size of your family. A capacity of 350 litres is ideal for most households, providing enough space for 19 shopping bags of groceries. Some manufacturers have fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators that have a 420-litre capacity. This is ideal for families with more children.

The quality of the appliance is also important. Some cheaper models may not be as durable as their more expensive counterparts. They may also experience problems with the hinges, which are usually less robust and easily break. You’ll want a model that has reliable Hettich and near Ingol hinges. They will last you for many years.

If you are replacing an integrated fridge freezer that has stopped working Choose a model that is comparable in size and split type. You’ll want to ensure that the cupboard doors on your kitchen are wide enough to accommodate the new fridge freezer, and that the fridge and freezer are the same height generally 178cm. If you’re planning to build a new kitchen, be sure your plans align with these dimensions, so you can find a fridge freezer that fits.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are designed to seamlessly into your fitted cabinets without compromising the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Combining a fridge and freezer in one appliance is an ideal option for those looking to maximize their space.

Depending on the manufacturer integrated refrigerator freezers can be found in different styles to suit different interior designs. From fully clad models that cover the doors in your kitchen cabinetry to panels that allow you to express your own individual design, there’s something for everyone.

Fully integrated fridge freezers come equipped with cabinet mounting brackets that anchor the appliance to the front of the cabinets in the kitchen, concealing it completely. This design allows you to customise your integrated fridge freezer to perfectly match your kitchen layout while reducing noise and enhancing the temperature control.

Door heights for integrated fridge freezers vary as well. You can find a’midi model that’s around 130cm high, while extra-tall models tend to be around 170-180cm. You can also pick between 50:50 splits, which gives you equally sized fridge and freezer storage, or 60/40 or 70/30 splits to take advantage of larger fridge space.

Since integrated fridge freezers are integrated into your kitchen, they’re more difficult to access than freestanding refrigerators, which can mean it’s more expensive to have them repaired or serviced. However, this doesn’t mean you need to avoid an integrated fridge freezers for sale freezer because your budget is tight. You can still find many high-quality models for affordable costs.

The cost of the cabinet which houses the integrated fridge freezers is more expensive than those that are freestanding. They also have more powerful motors to keep the refrigerator cool, which can result in higher energy bills. If you choose a model with advanced food preservation technology, it’s possible to save money over the long term by throwing away less food and lowering your energy consumption. This could lead to significant savings over the lifespan of your refrigerator freezer.

Energy efficiency

Fridge-freezers are among the most frequently used appliances in your home, so it is essential to select one with a good energy rating. A fridge freezer that is rated high will consume less energy than one that is less rated and over time, this will reduce the cost of energy. To determine the energy rating on a fridge-freezer, look for the label ‘Energy’ You can usually find it on the back of the appliance or in the user’s guide. Move your phone over the label to see the efficiency and energy consumption and then click to see full data on the manufacturer’s website.

The amount your fridge-freezer will use will also be influenced by the amount you store in it. The larger models with more capacity will need more energy to cool than smaller ones even if they’re equipped with an A++ rating. So, if you’re replacing a model that’s been in use for a while be sure to think about how much capacity you need and check the internal configuration – whether shelves are adjustable and door storage and if they can accommodate larger items, like milk bottles.

A fridge freezer that is frost-free is another option worth considering. Frost-free refrigerator freezers incorporate heating elements to stop the formation of ice inside the freezer. This saves you the hassle of having to defrost the refrigerator every now and then. Certain models don’t have this feature. If you have to defrost your fridge regularly, keep this in your mind.

It is also worth looking into the ease of cleaning and maintaining your fridge freezer. The majority of integrated fridge-freezers come with removable glass shelves and drawers that are easy to clean. Some models also have LED lighting, which is an added benefit.

Typically integrated refrigerator freezers are more expensive than freestanding models. This is due to the fact that you have to pay for refrigerator housing cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors, plus there’s the expense of installing. It’s also important to know that integrated fridge freezers are more susceptible to problems than freestanding ones. This is because installers might not allow enough ventilation to the cabinets or fail to set them up correctly that means they let in hot air and overheat.


A fridge freezer that is integrated in the cabinetry of the kitchen is an ideal solution for those looking to create a contemporary, streamlined look in their kitchen. These models are installed behind the cabinet doors and are hidden from view, which is a popular choice for those looking to achieve an elegant look. A refrigerator and freezer are combined in an integrated model, which makes it easier to store food items and organise it.

It can be more difficult to service an integrated fridge freezer than a freestanding freezer, because it is built into the furniture. The majority of kitchen engineers are unable to take the door of the cabinet from its hinges in order to gain access to the appliance. It’s important to keep in mind that you may require having your refrigerator freezer repaired or serviced in the near future, or should you decide to sell your house and move.

If you are replacing an integrated fridge freezer, it is vital to buy a like-for-like appliance so your cupboard doors will still work. This is because integrated refrigerator freezers are of standard size and can be inserted into a 60cm x 60cm housing cabinet. Therefore, any doors that you have on your current cabinets must be compatible. Examine the hinge on your fridge freezer, if it’s a sliding or fixed hinge. This will determine the ease to get access to the cupboard doors.

When it comes to integrated fridge freezers, the most recent innovations have pushed their performance and design further than ever before. The most effective models are designed to make life in the kitchen easier by reducing daily chores. Blomberg’s HyperFresh Plus, HarvestFresh Salad Drawers and Holiday Mode are all clever features that help reduce or completely eliminate defrosting. Storage options include adjustable shelves and other useful extras like wine racks.