Disney-loving dog is delighted with Lady and the Tramp screening

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A Disney-loving dog could barely stop wagging its tail while watching the Lady and the Tramp with its owner at their home in California. 

Meagan Elizabeth Boyer, whose Tiktok is @its.meagan.elizabeth, posted the footage of Phoebe, her golden-retriever, on the video-based social media platform barking and howling at the 1955 Disney classic.

At the start of the video, Boyer asks Phoebe: ‘Are we going to watch a movie?’ before the adorable golden retriever rushes to the wide-screen right as the film is about to start. 

‘She recognizes dogs in sketches!’ Boyer then writes as a caption while Phoebe fidgets around the TV all excited. 

The dog-owner then shares a clip of her pet ‘reading the doggo dedication’ while sitting attentively in front of the big screen.

‘In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy…to wit — the wag of a dog’s tail,’ the movie’s dedication to man’s best friend, written by 19th-century American humorist Josh Billings, reads. 

Meagan Elizabeth Boyer, whose Tiktok is @its.meagan.elizabeth, shared a viral video of her golden-retriever Phoebe reacting to her first sighting of the Lady and the Tramp movie made by Disney in 1955

The joyful golden-retriever sat close to the TV and watched the movie attentively, as her owner claimed that she was too busy ‘”reading” the doggo dedication’ written by American humorist John Billings (pictured)





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Phoebe sat still while watching the movie unfold until the Christmas scene, where a puppy version of Lady is shown for the first as a Christmas gift to Darlin, Jim Dear’s wife, who eventually becomes the owner of both Lady and Tramp later in the movie. 

‘*Doin’ a realization,’ Boyler writes as a caption as her golden retriever becomes ecstatic at the sight of seeing an animated puppy version of Lady on the big screen. ‘OH HECK IT’S A PUPPER!! *happy dance*’ she further writes in her TikTok video. 

The dog owner, who has 22.3k followers and 1.1million likes on TikTok continues to record her golden-retriever being all excited while the movie shows various scenes of a young Lady.

‘Pheebs loves puppies,’ she captions her TikTok video at one point, while her dog leaps in the air and barks at the screen while getting even closer to it. 

The video which was shared online on June 3 has more than 750,000 likes and 4,700 comments. 

Phoebe displayed her excitement the most when scenes of puppies were shown throughout the Disney classic, leaping into the air and standing up in front of the TV at times 

A 2019 study from France has proved that dogs are capable of recognizing their own in TV shows and movies, as proven by Phoebe throughout her first time watching Lady and gnula.ru the Tramp 

‘Good job, friend!’ and ‘Doin’ great job runnin’!’ the dog-owner from Anaheim then posted as a caption in her video while showing Phoebe reacting to a puppy version of Lady learning how to catch a frisbee and to play outside. 

Boyler then shares a clip of her dog reacting to seeing Tramp for the first time.

‘She actually LOVES TRAMP,’ she wrote as a caption while Phoebe barks at the animated Terrier.

‘MORE PUPPIES,’ Boyler shared as the video’s final caption while Phoebe wags her tail at the scene of when Tramp looks at puppies auctioned for adoption.

The TikTok video comes nearly ten years after research from the National Veterinary School in Lyon, France, discovered that dogs are able to recognize and react to dogs portrayed on TV shows and in movies in 2013

Boyler, who loves to educate her golden-retriever with all-time Disney classics, has also filmed her pet watching 101 Dalmatians, Robin Hood and Oliver and Company after her Lady and the Tramp video went viral.