It's The Complete Guide To Renault Clio Replacement Key

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renault key card replacement cost Clio Replacement Key

Renault cars use a different system for keys than most other makes. Instead of a key which is changed into a lock in order to open the doors and begin the engine they use a key card that is slotted into the dash panel reader, and a button that needs to be pressed to activate.

If you lose your sole Renault key, it could cost time and money getting replacement keys from a major dealer. We have Renault keys and cards on hand so that we can get you back in the car as quickly as possible.

Transponder Chips

Renault offers a range of keys locks and immobilisers. The most recent systems, starting in 2000, all have transponder chips. These are tiny circuits inside the key which transmit signals to the car’s computer system in the event that the signal isn’t received it will prevent the engine from beginning. This is a good security measure to ensure your vehicle isn’t taken away and only you can start it.

A replacement key with chip is a bit more expensive than a regular key. This is due to the higher manufacturing costs associated with the micro-circuit. But, you won’t be required to shell out for a whole lot of money. Locksmiths can manufacture keys with a transponder Chip for less than what you would buy from the dealer.

Many Renault owners who lose their keys or key cards think that the only solution is to go to their dealer. This could be a lengthy process and you could need to wait for a while to get your new key. Instead, you can call a locksmith who can make you the replacement Renault key at a much cheaper cost and in a fraction of the time it takes for an auto dealer to make it.

Keys and keys can become damaged or fail, usually due to the internal workings of the card bending and cracking over time. Certain Renault key repair experts are able to repair these cards but this is only temporary fix. The card will most likely fail in the future. A professional locksmith can take out the chip on your old key, and then program a new Renault key with laptop software. This will restore the function of your remote and allow you to start your car as normal. This will also keep your car safe against theft, as only the correct keys can start the ignition immobiliser.


Immobilisers are electronic devices that block your car being hot-wired or driven away without the correct key. They have been compulsory in the UK on all new vehicles since 1998 and are integrated into your car’s keys or fobs. They work by sending a code to the car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) when the key is activated and the vehicle is started. If the code doesn’t match then the ECU disables certain components needed to start the engine and allow the car to go away.

This is a way to stop criminals from using specialized devices that copy the signal emitted from your key to transmit it to the ECU of the car to allow it to start. This technology has reduced car thefts significantly as it is difficult to steal a car equipped with this technology. Insurance companies often offer discounts on premiums when you have it fitted.

The immobiliser is usually hidden in the head of the car key. It is a microchip that is activated by inserting the key into the ignition barrel. A coil inside the barrel reads the microchip and sends an information to the ECU. This signal is only deactivated by removing or programming a key.

Some early Renault models had static codes that could be copied using special devices, but modern versions have been upgraded to utilize changing or rolling security codes that can only be duplicated using the right technology. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of the systems and is the reason it is vital to have these kinds of anti-theft devices installed by Thatcham Research approved professionals.

If you have a Renault clio key or card that isn’t functioning it might be necessary to reprogram it. Car Keys Solutions keeps all Renault keys and cards in stock and can cut and program your new key while you are waiting.

We know that time is precious, and so our team will always try to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. We will call you to inform you how long the service is likely to last, so you can plan in advance. We will ensure that all of our work is done to the highest standards, so that you are completely satisfied with the replacement key.

Key Cards

The hands-free card has become an integral feature of Renault’s cars. The small device can be used to unlock and begin the vehicle, but it also allows drivers to control various other functions, like the lighting and sound welcome sequence, and it can even act as a replacement for the traditional car key even when the driver isn’t driving. The hands-free card was first conceived in 2001, as renault clio spare key was preparing to launch the Laguna II saloon. One of the designers, Bernard Dumondel, was staying in the hotel when he realized how simple it was to lock his room using the use of a magnetic card. He took the concept and developed it further and eventually made it an integral feature of Renault’s models.

You will need a card-reader installed in the vehicle’s center console to be able to use the handsfree card. The reader and card can be programmed using the AVDI/PROTAG software available from Abrites.

Remote Buttons

Renault has had a long-standing reputation for innovation. Renault was the first to develop a “hands free card’, a tiny device that lets you unlock your car and start it without touching the handle. It was the first time a car maker could offer such a feature to its customers, and it revolutionised the way that drivers drive. Its design made it easier to get in and out of automobiles and is one of the most commonly utilized features of every car that is on the road today.

How does it function? The key card itself contains a tiny microprocessor that has to be programmed for the specific vehicle. This is done using a special programmer such as the AVDI. The key can also transmit its own identification code that is used to communicate with the immobiliser system of the car.

When you press a button on your remote, the chip inside the key detects this and informs the car to respond in the same way. This can include anything from opening the doors to changing the radio station or setting the temperature control. This is what makes Renault an extremely sophisticated piece of technology.

The ‘hands-free card’ was the brainchild of a design group led by Bernard Dumondel. He was working on a saloon dubbed the Laguna II that was supposed to be the lifestyle car for the 21st Century. He was in an hotel when he attempted to use the keys for his room and realised that it would be possible to create a key that can lock and start the car by touching it.

The key consists of an outer casing (usually black) buttons as well as a chip transponder an aluminum blade. The case can be changed with a key that has the transponder chip of another Renault remote key. It’s simple and is a good option in the event that the key has suffered serious damage, like buttons that have broken off or deteriorated. If you do have a new key and it won’t start your car this is probably because the immobiliser hasn’t transferred to the new key. To test this, simply hold the old key to the new one and the car will start.