Searching For Inspiration? Check Out Integrated American Fridge Freezers

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Why Choose an Integrated Fridge Freezer American?

They are a perfect fit with the design of your kitchen and are attractive to those who are concerned about the size of appliances that protrude. They can be a little more challenging to install, because you’ll need the correct gap between your cabinets and then include bridging or infill cabinets above.

Storage space that is larger than the average

When it comes to storage space, American fridge freezers are recognized for their greater capacities than average, generally between 300 and 600 litres. This makes them ideal for large families as well as those who enjoy entertaining. Plus, you’ll find plenty of internal features to keep everything organized and in good order such as egg racks, bottle holders, and salad crisper drawers.

American fridge freezers can also be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. This is because they can be used as integrated appliances. This means they’re concealed behind cabinet doors to create an elegant, sleek look.

If you decide to go for an integrated model, it’s crucial to measure accurately the space where you wish to place your new appliance. This will help ensure that the doors and drawers open fully without hitting against furniture or posing a safety risk. It’s recommended to leave a few centimetres behind the fridge to allow for air circulation.

Alternatively, you could choose to purchase a separate refrigerator. They are typically larger than the integrated models, so ensure they can fit into the space you have. Also, take note of the energy rating of the refrigerator – models that have higher efficiency ratings tend to be more affordable to run. This is because they don’t need as much power.

Energy efficiency

An integrated American fridge freezer can blend with your kitchen cabinetry and provide an elegant, stylish look. The operating costs will be higher as they require more power than freestanding models.

It’s worth considering fridge freezers that have high energy efficiency ratings. They are generally more affordable to run. Compare the kWh values of the energy label to the older G-rated model you might own. You’ll save money by switching to a modern more efficient model.

One of the best integrated fridge freezers that are efficient in terms of energy efficiency is this Bosch model. Bosch’s model comes with several clever features that can help you reduce food waste and maintain your refrigerator. They include shelves that are easy to access which slide out to allow you to easily take food items out and an BigBox compartment for bulky food items such as pizza boxes and meat joints and VitaFresh Technology that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

There are a variety of fridge freezers that are integrated to choose from. You can build an integrated look by using doors that are custom-designed to match your kitchen decor.

Freestanding vs. integrated

It is essential to decide if you want your American fridge freezer to be a freestanding unit or integrated in the process of designing the kitchen of your dreams or replacing an existing one. Integrated American refrigerator freezers are designed so that they sit flush with your cabinets which makes them appear more “built in”.

Integral models are not readily sold on the market and require a housing unit to be fitted into. The fridge freezer has to have a unique gap that is left between the cabinets and tall end panels on either side of the cabinet, and the appliance will be fitted with doors for kitchen cabinets that can be added on top (known as a bridging cabinet).

The downside of an integrated model, is that you can’t move it or take it out in the same way if you want to change the layout of your kitchen. This is due to the gap required for the refrigerator to be erected and the fact that it has been incorporated into your kitchen cabinets.

If you’re not too concerned about the appearance of the toilet, you’re looking for something that’s more portable and can be moved around in the event of need, doesn’t require an enclosure cabinet and won’t have to be removed by a kitchen professional You should go for freestanding American fridge freezer.


The name implies that integrated fridge freezers sit within a cabinet door that matches your kitchen cabinets for sleeker appearance. These are great for modern homes where big appliances shouldn’t be on display. If you’re going for a sleek style you can choose a smaller model that fits neatly into tighter spaces.

Many models have clever features that make your life more convenient. For instance, the GSXV91BSAE from Bosch features a glass door that appears transparent when not in use, but it glows blue to alert you if it’s left open. It also features original innovations like MultiAirFlow that help to keep food fresher for longer. EasyAccess pull-out shelves and VarioShelves can help you organize your foods. Long-lasting LED lights are also available.

You may have less space in your cabinet If you opt to have an integrated fridge freezer. They are smaller to fit into your cabinet. Some brands provide extra space for taller objects.

If you’re looking to save money and energy opt for an cheap integrated fridge freezer model with an an A+ energy rating or higher. It might be more expensive to purchase but it will cost less to run over the long haul. You can lower your energy consumption by choosing an appliance with an energy rating that is in line with the temperature in your home.