The Most Underrated Companies To Keep An Eye On In The Outbuilding Freezer Industry

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Choosing an Outbuilding Freezer

Many people utilize garages or outbuildings to store frozen meals. They can be a tremendous help during busy times when you need meals quickly and easily.

Freezers are designed to operate in temperatures between 0-110 degrees Fahrenheit (-18-43 degrees Celsius). When they are placed in a non-suitable environment, they will have to work harder, consume more energy and wear faster.


An outdoor freezer needs to be located in an environment that will allow it to be running efficiently. It is because freezers work best in cool conditions. This is why it is crucial to consider this when deciding on the location to place the outdoor freezer. The freezer should be shielded from direct sunlight, as this can cause it to lose energy efficiency and result in an increase in electricity costs. Refrigerators that are located in direct sunlight could be prone to temperature fluctuations, which could put excessive strain on the appliance and result in premature wear.

Choosing a location for the freezer is also influenced by convenience and access. For instance, a fridge located in a garage or shed, which is accessible through the kitchen, may be ideal. However the freezer that is situated in a separate shed which requires you to go outside in the winter or rain to access, may not be as convenient as one that is placed inside.

If theft or backyard animals are a concern, a cover that shields the freezer from weather and debris can help keep it safe. This is a crucial aspect for those who live near the ocean, as salty air can be harmful to the freezer’s components.


When shopping, it is important to select the correct size of freezer. You must ensure that the freezer is large enough for your needs and will be able to be able to accommodate the food consumption of your family. A freezer that has a large capacity could be a great investment, and can allow you to save money by buying in bulk.

As a rule of thumb it is recommended to allow 2.5 cubic feet for each member of your household. This will allow you to store a variety frozen foods, such as vegetables, meats and other foods, desserts, drinks, and much more. Begin by measuring the space in your shed or garage to determine the size of freezer you need.

If you don’t have plenty of space, you can consider an incredibly small or compact freezer, such as the GE Garage Ready 17.3 Cu Frost Free upright freezer. This freezer is able to fit into an area that is small and features an open door that can be opened either direction. It is equipped with premium insulation that protects the freezer from extreme temperatures and ensures a consistent operation. It comes with a built-in defrost timer that clears the ice in a timely manner and stops overflow.

Frigidaire upright freezers like the EFRF696AMZ are bigger and provide more storage space. This model is ideal for cold environments. It has temperatures ranging from 10C to 18C. It has a huge interior that can accommodate up to 20 bags of ice and wire shelves that can be removed.

If you’re looking for a freezer that is able to withstand temperatures of ice be sure to check the specifications of the manufacturer to make sure the unit can be used in your garage or outbuilding. Most manufacturers will list the freezer’s climate class as well as how cold it can be to operate safely in a cold environment. Certain brands, like Beko offers freezers that operate in temperatures as low as -15C thanks to their FreezerGuard technology. It is important to check the warranty of the manufacturer to make sure that the freezer will be able to withstand the temperature of your garage or outside.

Energy efficiency

If you intend to use an outbuilding freezer in a garage or shed that’s not climate controlled then you should look for an energy efficient model. These models will be more insulated than other freezers and won’t lose as many cold air when they’re opened. They will also be less expensive to run as they require less power. Also, you should choose a model with low frost technology, which requires less defrosting and will save your energy costs.

You can choose from a variety of energy-efficient freezers available in various sizes. You can find them in traditional brick-and mortar stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Additionally, local utility companies might offer rebates on freezers that meet certain efficiency requirements.

The size of a freezer impacts its energy consumption, and it is essential to determine how much electricity you’ll need for the amount of food you’ll be freezing. You can use an energy calculator in order to estimate the cost of running a freezer For outbuilding every year.

Freezers use up to their stated wattage when are cooling, but this isn’t a continuous. When they reach their temperature they were set the components go into idle mode (such as the evaporator or compressor fan motor).

When selecting a freezer, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR certification that indicates that it meets the specific energy usage guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. This is particularly important if you are planning on using the freezer in a garage or shed that isn’t climate-controlled since these units are more energy-intensive than a conventional freezer.

Also, look for freezers with a guarantee against power failures and a high temperature alarm or light. This will ensure that they continue to function even when there is a power loss. There are also freezers that have self-defrost features that will decrease the frequency of defrosting and your energy costs.

The Right to Rent

Although freezers are usually designed to be kept indoors but some people may require an extra large top table freezer that can be placed in their shed or garage. If the temperature in this type of space is to low, it could cause the freezer to stop working properly or even break. To avoid this issue you should consider purchasing the freezer with a warranty that covers it if it fails in an outbuilding.

Many manufacturers have realized that their customers often have limited space and have therefore created chest freezer deals freezers that can be safely stored in garages or outbuildings. These freezers are built with a ‘freezer-protection technology’ which ensures that they can function even at temperatures as low -10degC. Brands like Beko, Ice King, and Russell Hobbs all offer this type freezer for outbuildings.

Certain companies specialize in the construction of outdoor freezers, for instance Montpellier. It offers a 99-litre white freestanding chest freezer which can be used for garages and outbuildings. It is rated A+ energy efficient and comes with FreezerGuard. It is also covered by NordMende’s standard 3-year warranty. The site has been operating since 2014 and is a reliable retailer online with positive customer feedback. It is also a Trusted Shops member.