The Next Big Event In The Integrated Fridge/Freezer Industry

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American Style Fridge Freezer Integrated

American fridge freezers make a bold kitchen statement. These large units offer enough storage space for even the largest families and are able to be outfitted with extra features, such as water and dispensers for ice.

The integrated models are concealed behind custom cabinets that give the appearance of being integrated. You can pick models with doors that slide down the main door of the refrigerator to allow easy access to juice or milk.


Unlike traditional larder refrigerators and freezers, American cheap integrated fridge freezer fridge freezers require less space. They can be hidden behind cabinets giving your kitchen a sleek and contemporary design that is sure to impress guests and family members alike. American fridge freezers often have more storage space than conventional models, and also come with additional features like electronic displays as well as water and ice dispensers and many more.

There are a variety of ways you can achieve the seamless look for your American fridge freezer. The most popular is using tall end panels on either side to create a surround for the appliance. Then, you can add an bridging cabinet on top the appliance, creating an added look to your kitchen.

Another option is to have your American fridge freezer incorporated inside your cabinets by using an infill panel. This isn’t the most common option however it is an excellent way to save space and keep the overall look of your kitchen pristine.

Full height

American fridge freezers are a stylish kitchen statement. They are more spacious than conventional fridge freezers and offer more storage space. They can also come with additional features such as energy-efficient holiday mode or built-in water and ice dispensers. With a choice of finishes from metallic silver and minimalist white, or sophisticated black you’re sure to find an American fridge freezer integrated that will fit your kitchen and your budget.

It is possible, depending on the model you select, to create an ‘integrated fridge freezer uk design by adding an edging cabinet above it. These are tall kitchen cabinets that bridge the gap between the refrigerator and the cabinetry on either side of it and help create a seamless finish and give an impression that the American fridge freezer is actually part of the rest of the cabinetry.

We also have a selection of freestanding American refrigerator freezers for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option. A lot of them come with removable panels that allow you to modify the doors to match your kitchen cabinetry.

If you’re planning to purchase an integrated or freestanding model it’s essential to know the dimensions of your space before making any purchases. Be sure to leave enough room around the appliance’s back and sides. Some models require larger gaps than others, so be sure to double-check before you purchase.


American fridge freezers are popular with families due to their huge storage capacity, but they can also provide a touch of luxury to the kitchen design with options such as filtered water dispensers and built-in ice makers. The freezer is usually at the bottom of the double door design, while the fridge is above. Some models provide different ratios between fridge and freezer space.

Think about a fridge that has Doors-in-Door. This lets you open the fridge or freezer without opening the entire fridge. This reduces the use of energy and the loss of cold air. A mini bar that folds out from the main refrigerator to serve drinks is a useful feature.

Integrated American refrigerator freezers are incorporated into kitchen cabinets to create an elegant and seamless design. Fisher & Paykel is the only brand to offer a fully integrated American refrigerator freezer. However you can get the same look with other brands by using the surround of tall end panels as well as an bridging cabinet above.

Plumbed-in American fridge freezers connect straight to your water supply, and provide you a continuous supply of chilled, filtered and ice cold water and cubed or crushed ice at the push of the button. They can also cut down on time by preventing the accumulation of ice in the refrigerator that would otherwise have to be manually removed.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers can be fitted into your cabinets to give an elegant look and are more permanent fixtures in your kitchen. They typically come with additional features like ice-cube maker and water filters too. They can be more costly to run than other types of fridge freezer but they have stylish and sleek design.

Consider the storage size and capacity prior to you buy as this will impact your budget. There are models with 500-600 cubic litres, which will provide enough space for most families. You’ll also find American fridge freezers with slimline designs for smaller homes that can make the most of a limited space.

Certain models have Door-inDoor and InstaView technology. Knocking twice makes the glass transparent and allow you to access your items of the day without opening the main refrigerator cavity. This reduces cold air loss and keeps food fresher for longer.

Other considerations include the type of hinge system used and the energy efficiency ratings. Some hinges have fixed hinges, whereas others utilize sliding rails to move cabinet doors. Find the star rating of a fridge-freezer to see how efficient it is. Select an appliance that has higher ratings for more savings.