The No. One Question That Everyone Working In Larder Fridge Should Know How To Answer

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Buying a Larder Fridge

A larder fridge can be added to your kitchen for extra space to store food. Contrary to fridge freezers that are standard, refrigerators with larders do not come with an ice box or a freezer compartment, which means that all of the space is used for refrigerator-related items.

Freestanding larder fridges stand upright, while integrated models can be hidden behind a cabinet door for an elegant, modern appearance.

What is a larder fridge?

A larder refrigerator is a standard refrigerator that doesn’t come with an additional freezer compartment. It’s a great choice for those who don’t require to store frozen food or who want to maximize the space available in the fridge for fresh foods. Larder refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes to fit any kitchen including tall counter-top models that are compact enough to fit under your worktops, to integrated designs that blend with your cabinetry.

Blomberg, LEc and other top brands make our larder refrigerators, which means you’ll get reliable, efficient refrigeration that keeps your chilled products fresher for longer. They’re also evaluated as A+ in energy efficiency, so you can be sure you’ll save money on electricity bills when you run one of these nifty appliances.

Larder refrigerators are available as freestanding or integrated models. They are usually between 55-60cm wide and 175cm in height. The taller models tend to be a bit more expensive than freestanding models since they’re designed to fit underneath worktops to provide the maximum storage space without taking up floor space in your kitchen.

You can select a sliding hinge or door-on-door mechanism or a hinged lid when you purchase a tall, undercounter larder refrigerator. Selecting the appropriate fitting will allow you create a chic, modern look in your kitchen, while making sure that your fridge is closed to prevent cold air escaping.

Our integrated tall larder fridges are a great way to add a sleek, modern style to your kitchen while keeping all of your favorite chilled goods close at hand. They’re also an excellent choice for those who wish to place their refrigerator into a small space, such as an apartment kitchen or terrace conversion. In contrast to American refrigerator freezers, integrated refrigerators have their cabinet doors placed on the front so that they are seamless with the kitchen cabinets. They can be upgraded with features like LED lighting to improve visibility, humidity regulation or active cooling to ensure efficient cold air distribution.

Tall larder fridges

A tall larder refrigerator can be a great alternative to a conventional refrigerator/freezer. They can be placed under your counter or on your worktop, and offer additional storage space for deli items, drinks as well as fresh and frozen food. They are available in a range of colours, from classic white and stainless steel to more retro red and cream models, as well as more modern black, and can be purchased as a separate unit or as an integrated design with doors for cabinets that blends with the rest of your kitchen.

The main difference between a regular cheap fridge and a larder refrigerator is that a traditional fridge does not come with an ice box or freezer compartment which means there is more space for chilled food items, and also means that it typically consumes less energy than a conventional fridge. If you’re planning a complete kitchen overhaul, or want to maximise your storage of chilled food items, then a tall larder refrigerator is a good choice.

This Beko refrigerator is perfect for storing fresh fruit and vegetables. It has two drawers for salad crispers as well as four adjustable glass shelves. There’s also plenty of door storage which can be used to store jars and bottles and also a handy wine rack that holds up to five bottles of wine. The model also comes with an adjustable temperature control to keep things cool and fresh and an automatic defrost feature that prevents the accumulation of ice on the back wall.

With 346 litres of capacity it is the Iceking RL254W.E tall larder fridge is the ideal choice for a family of four. It has four glass shelves that can be adjusted and two salad crisper draws and plenty of space inside the door for fridge freezer clearance containers and jars. It’s easy to organize too, thanks to an interior light that is useful and doors that can be reversible. Plus this model is energy efficient and has two years of warranty.

Under-counter larder fridges

Under-counter refrigerators are a flexible and practical solution for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. They are a perfect fit under your worktop, slotting into a space that is empty and are usually less than 90cm in height. They are freestanding and have a single door design and are similar to tall-larder refrigerators. However they don’t include an ice box nor a freezer section.

This means that they’re designed to be fresh food storage, not an appliance that doubles as a fridge and freezer, which reduces the cost and energy needed to operate them. They’re available in a variety of finishes, ranging from elegant white to timeless stainless steel with brushed finishes. They can also be crafted to match the doors of kitchen cabinets to create a seamless appearance.

You can find under-counter as well as tall models that come with a variety of features including LCD displays water dispensers, warning alarms. They’re usually less expensive than their Fridge Freezer Clearance/freezer counterparts too, so you can include a chilled storage option to your home without spending a fortune.

Taller freestanding models can stand up or slide into other cabinets that are floor-to-ceiling to give modern, sleek feel. There are also a number of integrated options that feature the front panel and cabinet door of your kitchen cabinets for the seamless appearance. This is ideal for small kitchens or flats that can’t accommodate a taller larder refrigerator.

Larder refrigerators that are undercounter and freestanding tend to be smaller than their taller counterparts. They measure between 30″ and 33″. There are models that offer the option of a deeper depth though, perfect for those with a small space.

All refrigerators for larders are simple to install and come with all the parts and fixings needed to start you off. We are proud to offer both a variety of models and brands to help you find the ideal under-counter refrigerator for your home. Don’t forget our great prices and the Klarna payment option. Purchase today and pay in three simple installments or spread the cost of your new appliance over a period of 30 consecutive days, without interest. We make it simple to upgrade your home with the latest appliances and technology.

What is the ideal temperature for the refrigerator in the kitchen to be set at?

It is easy to get confused when you are looking for a refrigerator due to the numerous terms used to describe them. The larder refrigerator is among of the most popular. A larder refrigerator is a fridge which doesn’t come with an ice box and freezer compartment. The entire space is used to store food. This is ideal for those looking to maximize their cooling capacity without paying for a freezer or icebox.

Freestanding models are readily available, or they can be integrated into the design of your kitchen. They typically come with doors that can be closed and opened like any other cabinet in your home. This means they will blend seamlessly into your kitchen, and can be hidden away out of sight for a sleek seamless appearance.

Tall larder refrigerators are an excellent alternative to side-by-side fridge/freezer combinations, since they offer more storage space for chilled food. They can be freestanding or integrated and are typically between 55-60cm long and deep. They can be easily fitted between other cabinets from floor to ceiling and are perfect for a built in kitchen.

Whatever the size of your refrigerator’s larder is it is essential to keep food items at the proper temperature. The cooling of food reduces the development of micro-organisms, bacteria and other harmful organisms.

The ideal temperature for storing food items in a refrigerator is between 2 and -5degC. However, this is dependent on how often you open the fridge since it warms up every time air enters.

It is essential to store dairy products (eggs and milk) in the upper part of your refrigerator. Raw meat should be kept in the lower shelf of the refrigerator. This isn’t just for temperature reasons but to avoid any juices that run off contaminating other foods. Crisper drawers are the best for vegetables. Fruits can create ethylene which can cause other food items to become overripe. This could be a problem with foods such as watermelons, apples, and tomatoes.