The Reason Lader Fridge Is Everyone's Obsession In 2023

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A Bosch Lader Fridge For Small Kitchens

Reversible doors make it easy to incorporate this Bosch refrigerator into any kitchen layout. It’s got plenty of capacity and a variety of storage options, such as salad bins with toughened glass shelves, as well as five door balconies for storing jars and bottle. Maxi-Fresh food preservation technology makes keep your food fresher for longer.


A tall larder fridge can be freestanding or incorporated into your kitchen cabinets. They are identical to a standard fridge/freezer combination. They’ll be used for cooling down fresh drinks and food instead of having a separate freezer section. They’ll also be slightly taller in height. They are very popular in flats and small kitchens since they don’t require a lot of floor space.

The MITF197 is a good example of a tall refrigerator that is reasonably priced and of top quality. With a large 230 litre capacity and the possibility of making it even more impressive with the addition of adjustable shelves. Inside you’ll have two salad drawers as well as five door balconies that can be used to store larger items like jars or bottles. Its slimline design and hinges with zero clearance allow it to be easily incorporated into your kitchen. Additionally, you can reverse the way doors open to fit the layout of your kitchen.

Our tall larder refrigerators were designed by industry-leading brands like Blomberg or Lec. You can be confident that you’re buying a high-end and energy efficient appliance. Each model comes with 2 years of warranty. It is activated when you register it. You can register your purchase at the point of purchase or through the My Account section of our website.


The tall larder refrigerator fits under your worktop as a freestanding fridge or freezer however, it doesn’t come with a separate freezer. If you live close to a local supermarket or shop you can go to the store regularly to stock up. A larder fridge can be a standalone model or part of a fridge/freezer combination pair and you can find models that complement the cabinets in your kitchen for an integrated look.

You can store all of your freshly prepared food and beverages in a refrigerator that can be used as a larder. There are models that feature a variety of storage options such as shelves that can be adjusted with glass, high-quality LED interior lighting and Maxi Fresh Preserver technology which reduces the smell of food and keeps fruits and vegetables more fresh for longer. These models are also energy efficient, with an A+ rating.

You can find models with various finishes and handles that will suit the aesthetics of both your kitchen and home. Some have a slimline design which means they can fit neatly into smaller spaces under your worktop. Choose from a selection of stainless-steel, white or black fridges which can be matched with your other appliances to create a seamless appearance. Whatever you’re searching for you can rest assured that our refrigerators are made by trusted brands and backed up with a manufacturer guarantee and after-sales support.