The Three Greatest Moments In Autowatch Ghost Installers Near Me History

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Autowatch Ghost Installers Near Me

The TASSA insurance approved Autowatch Ghost system is an immobiliser that protects your vehicle from modern-day key hacking and key cloning. It operates using your vehicle’s existing buttons e.g window switches and steering wheel controls.

Installed by our TASSA qualified technicians who are trained in security and system, you will only have to enter your pin code into the app to drive your vehicle. This is a simple method to ensure security!

Key Cloning and Key Theft Protection

In this age of technological advancements, thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated through the use of new devices that clone key fob signals. This is particularly applicable to vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems, which unlock and start the vehicle without a physical key. There are ways you can ensure that you are not victimized by these criminals. For instance, you could invest in a Faraday pouch or box, which uses a metallic lining that blocks the signals coming from your key fob. This can help to stop the fob from being able to increase the signal and copy it. You can also park your car far from your home. This can make it difficult for thieves to boost the signal and also prevent them from knowing which house contains your keys.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser protects your vehicle from various methods of theft. This includes key cloning as well as hacking OBD ports. It operates by entering a specific pin code through the buttons on your vehicle. They are typically located on your window switches and steering wheel controls. This makes it extremely difficult for thieves to get into your vehicle and drive it away.

The Ghost does not transmit any radio frequency signals, similar to Trackers and therefore cannot be tracked. This is a major benefit since you’ll be reassured that your vehicle is secure in the event it’s stolen. This is particularly important if your vehicle is located on the side of the road or else that’s vulnerable to thieves.

You can also modify the pin code at anytime. This will be shown to you at the time of installation. This will give you more security and you can drive around with confidence knowing that your vehicle won’t start until you enter the correct PIN.

OBD Port Hacking

The Ghost Immobiliser is able to comprehend and read the information that modern vehicles constantly send around their CAN data loop. You can then design a unique PIN sequence that needs to be entered to begin the operation of your vehicle. This can be changed at anytime and is unique to your vehicle. The device is equipped with a service-mode that allows your mechanic to temporarily drive your vehicle without knowing the code.

High-tech thieves have a variety of readily available diagnostic tools that can detect most alarm and immobiliser relays, so they can cut or swap the ECU to steal your vehicle. However the Ghost communicates with the vehicle’s ECU through the CAN data circuit and it is inaccessible to diagnostic tools or the tell-tale clicking noise that most traditional systems emit.

This means that, even if thieves have succeeded in copying your keys or altered the ECU to disable the immobiliser system, your Ghost system overrides their attempt and stops the vehicle from starting. This is assured at the time of installation.

TASSA Approved

The TASSA certified autowatch Ghost is the ideal solution for you if you wish to shield your car from modern theft methods. This innovative device connects to the CAN network and creates an encrypted pin code that is only accessible to you. This makes it more difficult for thieves to get your car. The device is easy to install and can be changed at any time. It works with a wide range of vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Fords, Hondas Nissans, Mercedes and more.

This unique system protects your vehicle from being hacked, even if someone manages hack or clone your OBD ports. The ghost immobiliser installers near me is also resistant to jamming devices, making it a powerful theft deterrent. The TASSA approved autowatch ghost is the only immobiliser on market that provides this security. The TASSA registered company that installs the ghost for you will have been subject to identity and criminal record checks and are fully certified to perform this type of work.

If a thief tries to start your car using a key that is duplicated the ghost will be cut out during the attempt and notify the police that there was an attempt to take your car. The evidence that the car was tampered with will assist the police in catching the thief and prosecute them. This is an excellent feature to have because it can help police find the culprit and recover your vehicle.

The TASSA approved autowatch Ghost is able to be transferred from one vehicle to another when you change your vehicle. This is provided that the new vehicle is compatible with the system, and that advancements in technology in the new car don’t render the Ghost obsolete. This is a wonderful feature for people who love to keep their vehicles but are concerned about the theft rate of their vehicle.

TASSA is the new governing body for vehicle security products. It will make an impact by ensuring that security systems are installed safely and correctly, in line with the product manufacturers instructions by a competent person. Sussex Installations is a TASSA-registered installer. We have DBS security-checked and system-trained technicians to ensure your Ghost is installed correctly.

Bluetooth Integration

The Autowatch installing ghost immobiliser immobiliser uses the latest technology to stop key cloning and key theft on Mercedes vehicles. It also has the benefit of integrated Bluetooth allowing users to connect and control your mobile device via the dashboard and steering wheel controls. This is a great feature for those who use their phone to control their stereos, hands free car kits, navigation systems, and digital radios or DAB.

Contrary to the majority of alarm or immobiliser relays the Ghost does not have circuits that could be altered or cut. This means it is impossible for thieves to look out for tell-tale clicking sounds that other immobilizers emit when they are deactivated or activated. The Ghost is also sealed inside a small area of the vehicle harness making it more difficult for thieves to find and to tamper with.

Once the system is installed and activated, it will require you to enter a PIN code and push sequence on a number of buttons in a set to dearm the system and start your vehicle. It is a simple process and you are shown how to do it at the time of installation by our expert team member. You can change your pin code if you forget it at any time.

The Ghost also comes with the advantage of being moved from an old vehicle to a brand new one in the event of need. (Provided that the Ghost datapack is compatible with your new vehicle and that technological advancements haven’t made older models obsolete.) This provides you with peace of mind in the event that your car is stolen while you’re on vacation or at work.