The Top Reasons Why People Succeed In The Autowatch Ghost 2 Installers Near Me Industry

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Autowatch Ghost 2 Installers Near Me

Autowatch Ghost is an extremely sophisticated, discrete and undetectable immobiliser for CAN Bus vehicles. It is an Insurance Approved system through the new TASSA regulation.

It shields you from key cloning as well being able to prevent car hacking and block the engine’s starting. This is achieved through a unique sequence input through buttons that are already in the vehicle without the need for extra wiring.

Keyless entry systems

Autowatch Ghost is the latest dual immobiliser system that protects your vehicle from key cloning, theft and hacking. The Ghost system utilizes the vehicle’s factory buttons to generate a unique sequence of button pushes that must be entered in addition to your driver tag present before the vehicle is able to be driven. This prevents thieves from putting an ECU or key to your vehicle to get around the system.

The Ghost is a discrete immobiliser that is undetectable to anyone who is in the vehicle. It works on the CAN data of your vehicle, and therefore is not affected by any RF scanning or code grabbing equipment used by thieves. This is a fantastic feature because it means that the Ghost will not be disabled through spoofing or jamming devices currently being employed to evade existing Thatcham systems.

The PIN code can be changed at any point through an app on your smartphone, or the original buttons on the vehicle. The Ghost can also be disabled by pressing the keyfob button a certain number of times. This is handy for people that aren’t sure of the correct PIN code.

The system can be used with the majority of modern keyless entry vehicles as well as remote starters. This includes BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and VWs. The system is a great alternative to other security systems and will keep your vehicle safe from thieves. It is an effective way to protect your car truck, van or car.

Our technicians are certified installers of the Autowatch ghost 2 and can offer a professional installation service. They can install the security device in any vehicle in Essex, London and other nearby areas, including Romford, Basildon Brentwood, Billericay Thurrock, South Ockenden Grays. The Autowatch Ghost installers near me provide a variety of services including reprogramming, remote start and keyfob replacement. They also install a variety of tracking systems, including Smartrak, Metatrak, and Scorpion Track. They also can install a wide variety of alarm and immobiliser systems. They are fully insured, and they are able to provide an estimate and evaluation for free.


If you’ve been concerned about theft from your car, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure your vehicle secure. Installing a Ghost immobiliser is one of the most effective ways to keep your car safe. This device protects your vehicle against key-cloning, hacking and acts as a protection against thieves. It is silent and doesn’t interfere with the CAN system in your car.

The Autowatch Ghost is an unnoticeable weatherproof device that stops anyone without the PIN code from starting your car. The system is simple to install and compatible with a wide range of automobiles. It does not require additional wiring, and instead uses your car’s original buttons to enter the PIN code. You can even modify the PIN code at any time.

This system will give you the most secure car security. The alarm will sound when someone attempts to steal the vehicle and the ghost will stop them from doing it. This makes it difficult for thieves to steal from your vehicle and keep your family safe.

You need to protect your car from theft. There are a variety of ways to stop theft. From installing a GPS tracking device to wearing a visible deterrent such as a disklok, there are many options. A car security system may also help but it’s crucial to select a reputable installer who is TASSA certified and DBS security verified.

Installers of autowatch ghost 2 near me can install numerous products, such as flip keys and remote PCBs. They can also replace rechargeable batteries and soldered ones and repair blades that are damaged. The company provides a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. They also provide installation services across the United States.

The Autowatch Ghost provides a reliable car security solution that is ideal for modern cars, which are vulnerable to key cloning. The Ghost is designed to work with the CAN system (Controller Area Network). It can be mounted in a hidden place. It is a simple to install immobiliser that is approved by Thatcham and is compatible with all vehicles. It can be fitted in a short time, and also operates silently and won’t interfere with the CAN data. It’s also affordable and is backed by a guarantee.

Service/Valet mode

It is essential to install the latest security systems for your vehicle. Modern thieves are increasingly using tools for cloning and door lock pick sets. Our Autowatch ghost immobiliser installer Leicester system is the best choice to ensure your vehicle is secure. It offers the latest technology for stealth, a discrete installation, and does not require any additional fobs. It is also unaffected by the RF signals that are used to locate trackers, which are often used to locate vehicles to copy a key remote and start the vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser connects to the CAN data network of your vehicle and demands that a unique pin number be entered before it is started. The pin code is entered by pressing buttons on the dash or wheel in a sequence which makes it virtually impossible for someone else to figure out and penetrate the system. If you switch to service mode the Autowatch Ghost will disable itself and will no need a button pin sequence for the vehicle to start. this mode is perfect for valet parking or when you hand over your car to a dealership for service.

You can now arm or dearm your Ghost with the most recent app, which relies on your smartphone (Apple and Android). This allows you to transfer your vehicle to someone else without them having access to your Pin Code. If your vehicle is locked but hasn’t been started for some time the app will exit the service mode.

The Ghost is a small weatherproof device that is able to be hidden in your vehicle’s wiring loom. Once it is hidden, it will be almost impossible for thieves to discover. The app allows you to change the pin at any time. This, in conjunction with the fact that there is no Thatcham category for this product will permit us to ask your Insurance company for a quote, while keeping TASSA regulation & making it possible to negotiate the most competitive price for your new car security system.


The Autowatch porsche 911 ghost installer 2 is an immobiliser that prevents key cloning in the modern age and also theft. It makes use of CAN-bus technology in order to connect with the car and prevents the cloning process by scanning specific inputs from original buttons. It cannot be disabled by hacking or scanning the vehicle‘s OBD port, and it operates silently with no visible components. It also operates with the vehicle’s CAN data, which eliminates the need for wiring. The system comes in several colors and comes with two-year warranty.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser CAN-based is ideal for vehicles that have been found to be vulnerable by thieves who insert new keys or replace the ECU. Installers can also upgrade the current alarm to a CAN-based system that makes it much harder for thieves to get around the security features. They can even add cameras that reverse your vehicle, which is a great way to deter thieves from attempting to break into your home in the first place.

If you have a top-performing vehicle, you must protect it with the best possible security. The Autowatch Ghost is one of the most advanced car security systems available and can safeguard your vehicle from a variety of different threats. It is simple to install, and it can be changed at any time.

The system is compatible with many different vehicles and has many benefits that set it apart from other systems. It is simple to use and can be installed by a skilled technician without the need for any complex software or tools. It’s also easy to alter the pin code if you wish to, which is a great option to ensure your car is secure.

A thief may try to disable Ghost by using the scan tool or by entering a PIN code that overrides the security. The device will turn off when it detects illegal activities. It also has a motion sensor, which will trigger the alarm if someone is nearby. The system can be linked to a mobile phone in order to track the condition of a car and send an alert if it is in danger.