The Unknown Benefits Of Built In Fridge Freezer 70/30

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When you’re building or remodeling purchasing refrigerator freezers that are built-in can be difficult. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed innovative technology that subtlely improves performance and simplifies day-to-day tasks, such as defrosting.

The traditional integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry. They can be fitted with hinges that are fixed or a sliding model. Both can be fitted inside refrigerator housing cabinets and can’t be installed freestanding.


The integrated fridge freezers are designed to serve a purpose that is not visible in your kitchen. They are hidden behind the cupboard doors, so they don’t look like a freestanding appliance. This means they are ideal for stylish kitchens where the freezer could be a hindrance to the overall design.

Despite their hidden appearance In spite of their appearance, integrated freezers can perform the same things that fridge freezers do, including designs that maximize space as well as energy-saving features. They are available in a large range of sizes too. There are models that range from 60cm wide for single-door models to 90cm wide for double-door models. American style cooling appliances.

The height of integrated freezers is also customizable and you can select a model to fit the space you have available. There are sliding and fixed models (with high-end hinges that connect the door of the cabinet to the appliance).

The depth of integrated refrigerators is greater because they are designed to fit inside a housing cabinet that is around 55-56cm deep. You can choose if you want your fridge to sit in a straight line with the cabinets or stand tall. This will give your kitchen a an elegant, seamless look.


The integrated refrigerator freezers are designed so that they are able to blend seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry. This gives them a stylish look that’s ideal for modern, contemporary or high-end homes. They are more expensive than freestanding fridge freezers however, they offer an array of door finishes and handle styles.

Generally, built-in refrigerators are higher than freestanding models. Their average height is about 84 inches. This might be a problem when you don’t have the room in your home for one of these appliances, or prefer an ordinary fridge that’s less than 72 inches tall.

Certain manufacturers, like Bosch offers different heights for different kitchen cabinet sizes. You can still reap the benefits of a built-in fridge freezer, even having low ceilings.

Alternately, you can get a counter depth refrigerator that will sit flush against your cabinets and doesn’t stick out as much. This is a good choice when you’re renovating an old house or do not have the budget to install a refrigerator built-in.

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The integrated fridge freezers typically have more luxury options than freestanding models. They are a little smaller in depth to be able to sit flush with cabinets and countertops and provide more space as compared to conventional deep refrigerators. The wider sizes can be particularly useful for large families or passionate cooks who wish to have a an adequate supply of food in stock.

There are two types of installation of fridge freezers that can be integrated fixed and sliding’ hinge models. These have to do with how the fridge freezer fits into your kitchen cabinetry and how it works with your other kitchen appliance doors. The majority of kitchen cabinet makers can accommodate both types of installation, however it’s always best to double-check before purchasing an integrated fridge freezer built in 50/50 freezer.

NEFF integrated fridge freezers include many useful and intelligent innovations to keep your fridge and freezer full of fresh and frozen food items. From our smart hyperFresh technology that lets you select the right combination of humidity and temperature to maximise the life of your food products to our power freeze feature that quickly lowers the temperature of frozen food, there are fridge freezers that offer innovative storage solutions that can be adapted to any lifestyle. There’s also a variety of built-in refrigerators with stunning metallic interiors to give an updated look to your kitchen. Integrated refrigerators are also available in a choice of heights, so you can fit your new fridge into the right space.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a huge factor for a lot of people when choosing a fridge freezer. Refrigerators run so frequently all day long that they consume lots of energy. This is why fridges and freezers have become more efficient over the years.

Manufacturers have improved insulation standards and have developed new compressor technologies and added innovative features. Smart solutions like Fresh Zone + keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer in humid drawers. Or Siemens noFrost which is a system that automatically defrosts the freezer, which can cut down running costs by up to 10 percent.

Look at the kWh numbers on the energy labels to figure out how much energy is consumed by a freezer or refrigerator. This is the amount of energy a appliance consumes in a year. Smaller models will use less energy than larger ones.

Make sure your fridge or freezer isn’t located in direct sunlight, and that its vents aren’t blocked. It’s also a good idea to keep it a few degrees below the temperature of the room in order to make it easier for the freezer or fridge to remove heat.