This Most Common Integrated Fridge Freezer For Sale Debate Isn't As Black Or White As You Might Think

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Integrated American Style Fridge Freezers

A fantastic addition to any kitchen, integrated american style fridge freezers offer a sleek design and are designed to seamlessly into your cupboards. They can be plumbed as well as non-plumbed and are available in a range of colors.

The classic ‘American style’ opening allows you to access the freezer and refrigerator at eye level. The features include a humidity-controlled drawer along with water and ice dispensers as well as instant access to chilled beverages.


If you’re seeking a sleek and efficient way to store your food, an integrated American fridge freezer is the ideal solution. These fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly fit into your kitchen cabinetry. They provide plenty of storage space and innovative features such as ice and water dispensers. They’re also energy efficient and can help you save money on energy.

Many of the integrated American fridge freezers we sell come with glass shelves which are easier to clean than plastic shelves. They also hold cold better and are more efficient in reducing temperature fluctuations so that food stays fresher for longer. You can also choose models that have a door-indoor compartment which lets you easily access items that are frequently needed without having to open the entire fridge to let cool air escape.

Door alarms are a useful feature. They alert you when you open the doors and stop unwanted the puddles of frozen water or frozen food items that have been defrosted. There are refrigerators with built-in ice and water dispensers. These are fantastic if you like to have chilled and frozen drinks available. Some of these are plumbed-in and can be connected straight to the main water supply, whilst others come with tanks that you’ll need replenish every now and again.

If you’re concerned about your new American refrigerator freezer’s impact on your electricity bill then look for appliances with A-rated energy ratings or higher. This will reduce your energy usage and save you cash on heating bills.


You can find fridge freezers that come with additional energy-saving options based on model and make. They include smart controls that automatically adjust settings for more energy efficient settings and LED lighting that uses 75% less energy than conventional bulbs. Other models have special storage solutions that keep your food fresher for longer, like Fresh Zone + technology which stores fruit and vegetables in a humidity-controlled drawer and Active Oxygen technology that releases tri-oxygen molecules to ward off the growth of bacteria.

The best method to assess the energy efficiency of an integrated American style fridge freezer is to examine its energy rating, which can be seen on the appliance data sheet. This will tell you how great it is for the environment, and the cost to run. All new fridge freezers are required to be equipped with an A+ or above energy rating in order to meet government Ecodesign requirements, so this is among the most important things to consider when purchasing a fridge freezer.

Stylish integrated american style fridge freezers also boast the latest food preservation technology such as fast chill settings, blue light technology and auto defrost, as well as handy accessories like ice and water dispensers and temperature-controlled wine racks. With a variety of storage options inside, from salad crisper drawers to egg racks and bottle holders that allow you to easily organize your most loved foods.


If you’re purchasing an American fridge freezer to fit in your new kitchen or replacing an existing one there are plenty of choices to choose from. There are numerous styles and sizes of fridge freezers that are integrated. From double doors to bottom-drawers, each has its own unique features.

American-style refrigerator freezers are typically double-door models, with the freezer and fridge sitting in a row. A large majority of models come with a water and ice dispenser which is great for chilling drinks. Some American refrigerator freezers also come with temperature zoning so that you can store food at a temperature that is optimal for a longer time.

Find a LG American-style refrigerator freezer, which has an Instaview window. Make a second strike on the mirror glass and it’ll become transparent which allows you to see inside the refrigerator. This feature can save you energy by preventing those moments when you stand with the fridge door open and wait for the right moment to decide what to buy. Other useful features include an alarm for doors that open that can be reversed, as well as an option to not freeze. There are also models that are Quiet Mark certified if you’re concerned about noise or have an open living space.

Easy to maintain

American-style integrated fridge freezers are often the focal point of the kitchen and can be adorned with a striking design. They’re typically bigger than freestanding models and can have a ratio of fridge to freezer space that meets your requirements. They also tend to have many features and gadgets to help keep your food fresher for longer, with original innovations like MultiAirFlow and SmartCool. Some have ice storage, and chilled water dispensers, too.

The top integrated American fridge freezers are easy maintain, and are also clean with numerous antibacterial technologies to fight off germs. The latest models come with clever touchscreen features on the doors of their refrigerators. These features can offer recipes Set reminders and alarms and control other kitchen appliances, and even play videos and your favourite songs.

Certain brands, such as Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator freezer, include cameras in the freezer so you can view inside without opening the doors. This can be extremely helpful in those times when you’re trying to find inspiration or making your weekly shopping list to determine whether you’re required to buy something additional.

A few manufacturers, like Fisher & Paykel, make the American fridge freezer which is fully integrated into the kitchen. This is possible by using custom kitchen cabinet doors on the fridge’s section as well as an infill or bridging piece above, which is positioned between cabinets or tall integrated fridge freezer end panels on the opposite side of the American fridge freezer.