Under Counter Fridge In Black Tools To Improve Your Everyday Life

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Fridge Under Counter

Store drinks, food and ice at your ideal temperature using undercounter refrigerators, beverage centers and ice makers. Some models can also convert into a wine cabinet.

Undercounter units vent from the front, unlike freestanding refrigerators. This helps to prevent overheating. Look for specialty options that are ADA height and low profile, which can be placed under even the smallest countertops.


Undercounter refrigerators are a great option to keep drinks, snacks, and meal preparation ingredients in close proximity. These compact units are able to be tucked away under counter fridge integrated counters for a sleek and integrated look that blends into your home design. They range in size from small under counter wine fridges to large refrigerators, with options that will fit in with your personal space.

Most undercounter fridges are only 34 inches tall to allow them to fit under the majority of countertops with widths and depths varying. If you have a larger kitchen and are looking to use your undercounter fridge for more than just drinks, look into one of our larger models that can handle a greater volume of food items.

Many manufacturers have ADA-compliant undercounter refrigerators with shorter legs that make them easier to access for those with physical limitations. Specially designed low-profile undercounter refrigerators are also available, which means you can place a refrigerator underneath even lower counters. These models are the same height as standard fridges, but have shorter legs, which makes them more accessible. Pick from a variety of different finishes to complement the style and color of your current appliances.


Contrary to small freestanding refrigerators that vent from the back, undercounter refrigerators sit on top of the countertop and allow air to flow freely at the bottom. This helps to prevent unpleasant odors and ensures that the refrigerator is operating at its best.

Browse our selection of wine coolers and refrigerators under counter. They’re ideal for storing food items as well as beverages in kitchen preparation areas however they’re also very popular in bars, restaurants and hotels. You can select models with glass doors to allow you to easily identify the contents, or models with solid doors if you want a sleek and modern appearance. Some refrigerators that are undercounter come with a built-in freezer, whereas others offer more storage. Some come with Wi-Fi connection to help you manage your fridge remotely.

Some undercounter fridges have a backsplash to help them blend in better with other cabinets. Others have an all-in-one design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. If you’re in need of ADA height requirements, think about our “low profile” or “ADA Height Work Top” models. These units are designed for a height of 34″ or less, including the legs or casters. These units also conform to ADA requirements when employed in commercial spaces that serve the public.

Control of Temperature

Many undercounter fridges provide a variety of temperature preset options. For instance the White Diamond undercounter fridge can be set to operate in a range between 360 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit (or 10 to 100 Celsius). This allows customers to keep their drinks and food at the perfect temperature.

Manufacturers of refrigerators use high-grade fans to draw cool air into the refrigerator through an opening in the bottom, and then transfer it to the port on the front. This cooling process helps reduce energy consumption. The cool air is then filtered in most units to guarantee optimal temperatures.

It is essential to think about the location and usage of a refrigerator undercounter when shopping. For instance, if you require a fridge for an outdoor kitchen space you should select a model suited for use in cold climate. You might also want to look for a model with a “front breathing” design, which has the intake and exhaust on the front. This can reduce the clearance requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Fridge undercounter models bring the condenser inside, allowing to install them within a few millimeters from the walls and cabinets. Undercounter fridges that are well constructed and designed can be operated with minimal noise.

A majority of undercounter refrigerators feature front-venting technology, pulling exhaust heat away from the compressor to preserve energy efficiency and prolong the life of the fridge. They also have ADA compliant designs to guarantee that they can be placed under a variety of counter heights, such as those required for most home entertainment areas, as well as a broad range of kitchen sizes.

Make any room more attractive with a sleek and versatile refrigerator under counter. Whether it’s a beverage center with Dual-Temperature Controlled Zones or a small undercounter refrigerator for apartment kitchens, these units can make your home more functional. Shop the collection at P.C. Richard & Son to find the perfect model for your space and budget. If you’re unsure of what size to purchase, put a tape measure into the area in which the unit will be placed and check its dimensions against those listed on the product’s page.


Based on your requirements and space, a refrigerator under counter can come in a variety configurations. Some models have glass doors, which can sacrifice some energy efficiency in exchange for the benefit of a better view. These units are very popular in convenience stores and other areas of self-service. Refrigerator drawers have more storage than models with solid doors, and are usually equipped with shelves and bottle racks to provide extra organization.

Many undercounter refrigerators are available with a backsplash that is either bolted or attached to the back of the refrigerator. This shields the wall against spills and food debris making it easier to clean and disinfect. There are also specialties that are ADA-compliant and designed to be placed under lower countertops.

Make use of a small fridge under counter to keep drinks and snacks close to hand in your home office, to make cold storage a part of an area in your bedroom or to make it the media room into a convenient snack, beverage and lunch refrigeration. No matter where, these compact refrigerators will save you time as well as energy when you are looking for a quick bite to eat or drink.