Upvc Window Handle Replacement: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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UPVC Window Handle Replacement

Replacing a damaged or broken window handle is a relatively simple process and, with the right tools, it can be done quickly. It is important to know the handle’s type and spindle’s length prior to purchasing the replacement.

Older uPVC windows feature cockspur window handles which have a spur that protrudes to secure a wedge-shaped cockspur striker plate. They can be right-handed or left-handed and must be compatible when replaced.

What kind of lock or handle do you have? I have?

There are a variety of windows locks and handles made of upvc, each with its distinct advantages and functions. The type of handle you are using will determine the ease to open your windows and whether or not the locking mechanism functions in the way you want it to. With time and regular use, window handles made of upvc are prone to wear or damage. out, rendering them less secure and efficient. In some instances, they may even disappear completely. It is essential to fix your upvc window handles when you notice them falling off. This will prevent potential break-ins and keep your home safe.

It’s an easy task that almost anyone can do. You’ll need a few basic tools, but with proper knowledge, it’s a straightforward process that should only take a few minutes. You must know the kind of lock or handle you have on your window. This will help you select the correct replacement.

Inline Espagnolette Handles

They are typically located on the side of the window. They are flat and feature a latch which engages the locking mechanism of the window frame. Inline upvc handles have a spindle that runs through the middle of the handle into the window frame to operate the latch.

Cockspur Handles

These handles are usually found on older uPVC window frames. They have distinct hook-shaped designs. Cockspur handles have one screw that secures the handle to the frame of the window and are not as secure as other kinds of window handles.

Handles that can tilt and turn

As opposed to the other handles made of upvc the tilt and turn handles can be rotated to open the window and the handle can be tilted to the side to let air flow in. They feature a 7mm spindle on the back and are available in left and right-handed versions.

It is important to measure the size of the spindle when purchasing a new upvc handles. Not all are the exact same size. Drop something into the middle of the hole to measure the length. This is the largest spindle size that will fit your windows.

What is spindles?

uPVC window handles operate in a similar way as doors, with the user turning the handle to operate an internal latch within the frame. This unlocks the window so that it can be closed and opened. However, sometimes handles can be damaged, particularly if they are regularly used or exposed to extreme weather conditions. This could mean that you have to replace your uPVC handles on windows since they may not be able to operate the window properly in the future.

There are many types of uPVC handles, including Espag, Cockspur, and Spaded handles. These handles are designed to fit in the uPVC frames in different ways and each handle type uses a specific spindle to lock the mechanism fitted into the window. This is why it is crucial to know the kind of handle you have installed on your uPVC window so you can find the right replacement.

The base of the handle will inform you what type of uPVC it is. A snap-in cover is over the screw that holds the handle’s base in position. When you remove this cover, you will be able see the screw that holds the handle base in place. After both screws are removed you should be capable of pulling the handle away from the uPVC window.

After you have removed the uPVC handle, remove it from the locking mechanism. Note the length of the spindle. You’ll need to purchase a replacement with the same length as the handle that was originally used and the locking device.

The primary issue with window handle problems with uPVC is that the spindle becomes worn out and can no longer operate the locking mechanism. This could be due to damage from constant use, a loosening of the locking mechanism, or even rust over time. When this happens it is required to replace the window handle as well as the locking mechanism to restore complete functionality to your uPVC windows.

How do I take off my old handle?

Window handles can become damaged or destroyed over time. It is crucial to fix them as quickly a possible to ensure your safety. It is easy to replace a damaged or worn handle. The job can be completed in less than an hour without the need of special tools.

To remove the handle, first remove the screw at the base of the handle. Once the screw is removed, the handle can then be pulled away from the base section. There will be another screw located at the bottom of the handle base, and it is able to be removed as well. After these two screws have been removed, the handle can be detached from the base of the window.

After the handle has been removed, take the new handle and align the fixing holes with the holes present in the double glazing window replacement frame. If there is a cap or sticker on the new handle, take it off it if required and screw the handle into place. It is crucial to verify that the handle is working after it is installed. Turn the handle around and make sure that the lock mechanism is activated.

Espag handles come with spindles that protrude from the handle and slot into the multipoint locking mechanism that is on the window frame. Cadenza windows have a blade with cutouts that are incorporated into the lock mechanism. Cockspur handles are long and hang over the frame that surrounds the window or the transom crossmember of the bar.

After you have put in the new handle, insert the spindle inside the window lock and tighten it. Replace the snap-in cover and screw cap (if applicable) after the handle has been firmly fixed. Once the handle is ready to use, open and close the window a couple of times to ensure it works correctly and securely.

How do I fit the new handle?

It’s not difficult to alter the handle on your Upvc windows. The procedure is simple. All you need is a screwdriver, and a bit of perseverance. First, ensure that the handle that you are replacing is unlocked. Then remove any screws that are visible. You could also replace them with screw caps. After you have removed the handle, upvc window handle replacement you will need to note the length of spindle that extends from the back. This is crucial as it will determine the kind of handle you’ll require to purchase.

Espagnolette handles are the most popular kind of handle that is used on uPVC windows. The spindle runs through the handle to activate the locking mechanism within the frame of the window. The handle opens the latch and allows the window to open. When used regularly and time, handles made of espagnolette can be damaged.

Cadenza handles are a kind of uPVC handle that is usually used in tilt and turn windows. They feature a protruding knife that is operated by a multi-point locking mechanism within the window. They are more secure than the espagnolette handle as they can only open from the inside. They can be replaced with the same procedure as espagnolette handles but you will need to ensure that the new handle has a curved blade as opposed to flat ones.

Once you’ve decided on the right handle for you You can simply align the new handle with the existing screw holes and then screw it in the appropriate position. After that, you can put the screw covers on and test the new handle. You can do this by moving the handle between the locked position to the unlocked several times. It may be worth contacting an expert to determine whether you can solve any issues. They are often able to advise you on the best approach to solve the issue in a fast and effective way.