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Twilight movie is based on a book of a similar name that was authored by Stephenie Meyer. The movie rights of the book were bagged by Summit Productions and it was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, with prominent actors like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the lead role.

When you watch Twilight movie online you will realize that the screenplay of the movie is such that a sequel is apparent. The producers of the show have procured a money spinning machine by acquiring the movie rights of the book. The inventive storyline of the movie can easily be weaved into a sequel that will continue to make the cash registers ring at Paramount Pictures for a long time to come.

The storyline of Twilight Movie focuses on a relationship between a teenage girl named Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, a vampire. Well, how Bella’s family saves her from the evil designs of other vampires, who are jealous of Edward’s relationship with Bella, has been featured in the flick.

If you get the time to watch the Twilight movie online, you will realize why the film took three years to be created. In the movie, the relationship between Bella and Edwards begins to bloom when he saves her from being hit by an over-speeding van by using his supernatural abilities. Bella realizes his supernatural powers and falls in love with her, in spite of fully knowing the fact that he is a vampire and consumes only animal blood.

If you download or watch Twilight, the most enchanting movie ever, online, you will see that a point comes in the movie when James, a rogue vampire, traps Bella into his custody by lying to her that her mother is his control. He bites off her wrist and tries to convert her into a vampire by injecting his venom into her bloodstream. Edward arrives at this crucial juncture and sucks all the venom and saves Bella from turning into a vampire. James is killed by Edward and his lover Victoria swears revenge.

The interesting plotline of Twilight must have made you realize why the movie grossed over $392 million in theatres. Log on to an entertainment portal today and enjoy this award winning movie which captivated audiences all over the globe!

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