What Is Renault Trafic Key Replacement And Why Is Everyone Dissing It?

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Renault Trafic Key Replacement

Renault cars employ a different system of immobilisers than most other brands. They use a key card that looks distinct from traditional keys, yet functions in the same way. They are put into a dashboard reader in order to open doors and begin the vehicle.

The dealership can replace the key in a renault clio car key replacement traffic however it’s quite expensive. A locksmith could offer a much cheaper alternative.

Immobiliser system

The immobiliser on the Renault Trafic acts as a security measure to protect against theft by preventing your car from starting in the event that you don’t have correct key. The system ensures that the key used to start the car is to the key in the vehicle’s computer. If the key doesn’t match the computer, the engine will stop and enter the safety lockout mode. This lockout will last between three and four minutes. If this happens, you will have to replace your keycard to get your vehicle functioning again.

Key cards are small plastic card that could be inserted into the ignition to open and start your car. It’s similar to a chipped-key and has a transponder which sends a signal to the ignition switch when it is near. The signal is picked up by an antenna within the switch, and if it matches the one stored on the car’s computer, the engine will be started. The key card can also be encrypted to stop any other person from using it.

If you’re having issues with the Renault immobiliser, you may want to contact an auto locksmith or a dealer for help. They can determine the necessary cuts to make a key and program it to work with the immobiliser system in your vehicle. They can also help you get the keys replaced if you’ve lost keys.

Many people believe that the immobiliser mechanism in their Renault Trafic can be easily removed using an aftermarket pin entry connector. The Renault immobiliser is much more complicated than the one you have. It uses CAN for communication with your vehicle’s electrical system and is susceptible to damage or corrosion.

If you’re Renault immobiliser light is continuous flashing, the CAN system probably isn’t working properly. You can try to re-seat the black connector, but if it isn’t working, visit your nearest garage for further guidance. You may have to replace the UCH Control Unit, which can be quite expensive.

Key cards

Renault key cards offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the standard cylinder keys found in most automobiles. These cards have a remote key that is built-in and can be used to turn on the car and open the doors. They are very popular with drivers who prefer to use electronic systems rather than manual ones. They also provide more security and ease of use for the driver, because they aren’t able to be stolen as easily as a standard key.

If you lose your Renault key or key card, it could be a traumatic experience. The most frustrating part is that you’re headed to a big meeting or an important event and the loss of your key card could be an enormous damper on your plans. There are a number of options to choose from when you’re in this type of situation.

You should first check if you have an extra. If not, the next best option is to contact your local locksmith. They are experts with the knowledge and the tools needed to create a new key or card for your Renault vehicle. Additionally they can do this at less than the price that the dealership would charge you.

The hands-free Renault key card was designed in 2001 by a designer for the Laguna II saloon. The designer was inspired by a room key that could lock and unlock a hotel’s door with just a single click. The same concept was then implemented to the new Renault Espace V, and later, to the Megane.


The Renault Trafics have a complex system as far as immobilisers and keys go. Many of these cars have key cards which don’t function in the same way as standard flat metals keys. These keys are referred to as “proximity” or “smart keys” and they come with distinctive design. They come with an emergency key blade built in which can be used to start the engine and open the door. A damaged key card could lead to several problems in the vehicle, for example not being able to lock or start it. It is essential to check the key card if it’s lost. If it has been damaged, it must be reprogrammed in order to function properly.

You can purchase replacement Renault keys online, but they’ll still need to be programmed by an authorized locksmith or dealer. The best place to buy keys is through a Renault specialist supplier that offers a variety of remote keys. Some are offered in blank form, while others are cut to your vehicle’s code. They can be purchased at less than the cost of genuine Renault parts.

If your Renault Trafic III has an engine warning light, it may be due to a defective actuator for the exhaust flap. This is a typical issue for this model and it can be corrected by replacing the actuator. The Haynes Trafic Autofix guide will guide you through this task.

A problem with the turbocharger can be a problem for the Renault Trafic III. They’re a major component of the engine and are exposed to high temperatures. It’s not unusual for them to break down at some point. This can be expensive.

If your car won’t start then you’ll need to look for any issues with the engine and the inlet hoses. Moisture can cause problems in the hoses that supply the inlet and a damaged EGR pipe could also prevent the engine from running. It’s a pain and you should make sure everything is checked prior to taking the car to a shop.


Renault is a French manufacturer of vans and cars founded in 1899. The company’s vehicles include the Espace which was Europe’s first multi-purpose vehicle in 1984, as well as the Laguna 2000 that introduced keyless entry. The company also makes trucks, tractors, buses/coaches and autorail vehicles. We can supply keys that are replacement or spare for most renault trafic key replacement models, including the Kangoo vans, Twingo vans and Clio 4 vehicles. We can start the process of providing your new keys the moment you submit your order online and aim to deliver your fully programmed set within three working days.