What Is The Best Place To Research Side By Side Fridge And Freezer Online

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Zanussi Side by Side Fridge Freezer

A side by side refrigerator freezer has more capacity than a French door fridge, and it’s easier for our Coolblue delivery drivers to lift up to the stairs near your front door or to a higher floor. They also come with a water and ice dispenser.

The model comes with a spacious fridge section of 166 litres that has three shelves, as well as a huge freezer compartment with two VitaFresh tray and a half width salad drawer.


There’s a model for every budget and kitchen, regardless of whether you prefer a spacious American-style refrigerator freezer, or you prefer French-door models. Zanussi’s latest fridge freezers come equipped with advanced cooling technology and have no-frost to keep your food fresh. They also have useful features like an unplumbed water dispenser and an ultraviolet light that removes bacteria from the tray of ice cubes. These fridge freezers are also equipped with Wi-Fi, making it simple to monitor the temperature of your refrigerator using your tablet or smartphone.

Zanussi’s side-by-side refrigerator freezers offer ample capacities of up 226 L for the fridge, and 92 L for the freezer. The energy efficiency rating is A+. They have a lot of storage space that’s well-organised with lots of shelving and clear drawers, making it easy to find what you’re searching for. They also have a section for salads that is crisper, which keeps your fresh produce and fruit in good condition for a longer period of time.

The SpaceFlex refrigerator freezer is taller which means you can store more food items and other ingredients. The fridge has three shelves with a salad cooler. The door shelves can be used to store drinks, condiments and eggs. It’s easy to find what’s inside the freezer, too, thanks to its transparent drawers. It’s also more practical because it can be opened from the left or to the right.


There are a variety of options, whether you’re looking for a simple fridge freezer to go with your other appliances, or a sleek piece that makes a statement. For instance, integrated refrigerators can be built to blend seamlessly into the kitchen’s panels. They could also incorporate additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity or a water dispenser. There are also non-plumbed models that can be put in any place there is a mains outlet and are frost-free.

Zanussi ZNME36FU0, a freestanding model that features 60/40 capacity split between the fridge and freezer. They come in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large. These models can be incorporated into your kitchen, or they can stand alone. Many have an elegant chrome trim to give them modern appearance.

Certain fridge freezers have separate cooling systems for the freezer and fridge to keep your groceries fresh. Other useful features include LED lighting, which helps you identify what’s inside, as well as the night mode, which automatically switches off noise from compressors and fans, so you can sleep in peace.

French-door refrigerators and freezers are a fantastic option as they keep food items at eye level and makes it easier for you to find items that have been forgotten. However, they tend to have less shelves and freezer bins than side by side fridge freezer integrated by side models and this may limit your storage flexibility.

Energy efficiency

This Zanussi refrigerator-freezer can be a good option if you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills. It’s an A-rated product which is not often these days as the new EU Energy Ratings were introduced in March 2020.

Food items can be viewed at an instant glance inside the freezer thanks to shelves and drawers made of plastic or glass. There’s a deep middle freezer drawer for larger items and the temperature can be changed at the push of the button. This model has an alarm that can be heard when doors open and a defrost alert for extra peace of mind.

The fridge is impressively big with 249 litres of capacity, while the freezer offers a generous 89 litres. There’s even a door that can be reversed that allows you the option to open it on the left or right side. It’s a great option for those who have little storage space and want to keep their fresh produce visible and within easy reach. With its ample shelves and compartments, it’s a great fit for larger platters and serving dishes.


This Side By Side Freezers Fridge-byside refrigerator freezer made by Zanussi can hold 249 litres for the fridge and the freezer can hold 91 litres. It is able to hold all your groceries. It also features CrispNoFrost technology as well as the Fast Freeze option that will allow you to cut down on cost of food.

This appliance is perfect for smaller kitchens where a traditional American refrigerator would not fit. The main compartment is equipped with three shelves that can be adjusted in height. If you take out the upper drawer, there’s room for another shelf. The bottle rack can hold four bottles. This is a great method to store things you frequently use and keep track of their expiration date.

The ZNME36FU0 is a great example of a frost-free fridge freezer that hits the sweet spot between storage, function and price. It comes with separate cooling systems for freezer and fridge which means it’ll keep your fresh food at the right temperature no matter where you place it. It also has a super-cool feature that you can turn off prior to your shopping trip. When you return home, the fridge will be prepared to store your food items. Interchangeable door hinges let you open the fridge from the left or right, which is beneficial when the doors of your kitchen don’t match perfectly.