What NOT To Do With The Integrated Fridge Freezers Industry

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Why Buy an Integrated Fridge/Freezer?

Refrigerators that are integrated into the cabinets and offer an elegant look to your kitchen. They also tend to last longer than freestanding fridges.

However integrated fridge freezers have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. They’re costly, and aren’t easy to move. Should you invest in a sled?

Stylish design

Fridge freezers can be an essential kitchen appliance that is used often and can make an impressive design statement. The latest integrated fridges aren’t just panel-ready and integrate seamlessly with the cabinetry, but also incorporate smart technology to reduce day-to-day hassle. For example, defrosting is an activity you can get rid of thanks to Beko’s frost-free technology while adjustable shelves and adjustable cooling drawers provide versatile storage.

In comparison to freestanding models, integrated fridge freezers are more seamless and streamlined. This allows your kitchen design to appear more open and spacious. Refrigerators and larders that are integrated also come in a range of designs, colors and materials, so you are able to choose the best one for your home.

An integrated fridge/freezer will typically cost more than a freestanding fridge. This is because you’ll also need to purchase an enclosure cabinet (normally 60cm wide) and doors for kitchen cabinets. This can add a substantial amount to the total cost.

It is crucial to remember that an integrated refrigerator/freezer is still less expensive than a model built-in. This is because built-in refrigerators protrude from the kitchen’s interior that means they require more effort to set up and also to design. A high-end integrated refrigerator will seamlessly integrate with your kitchen cabinets, creating an elegant and stylish design for any home.


A fridge freezer that’s integrated in your kitchen will give you a more seamless look. The appliance is concealed behind your cupboard doors so there’s no sticking out or jutting handles. The design also means that you can match it to your other kitchen appliances to create a an attractive appearance.

Larder fridges with tall integrated fridge freezer larders are generally larger than their freestanding counterparts which means they have more storage space for your groceries. These fridges are also more energy efficient thanks to the latest insulation techniques that allow them to maintain the same size but reduce their power consumption. Samsung’s ingenuous SpaceMax Technology is one example of this, allowing the company to cut down on the walls of fridge freezers and door thicknesses, allowing them to provide the same amount of storage inside a smaller external package.

Smart features such as multi-airflow technology as well as humidity controls can also help keep your food fresher longer. Bosch’s energy-efficient models will help you cut down on the time your groceries stay in the refrigerator thanks to their FastChill or FastFreeze features.

Look into a fridge freezer with a touchscreen, for those who want to replace your traditional larder refrigerator with one that is more modern. Samsung’s Family Hub model, for example, can display recipes, calendars and more on its large 21″ screen, which is ideal for modern homes.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerator freezers use energy continuously, but newer models are more efficient. It’s a good reason to consider upgrading if your fridge is 10 years old or older.

Integrated fridge freezers are more efficient than freestanding counterparts. They blend into cabinets in the kitchen and look hidden as a result, making them an ideal choice for modern kitchens. They are also deeper than freestanding models and accommodate more food or drink.

To achieve the highest energy efficiency, look for a model with a high A-G energy rating. They will have a colored sticker on the appliance itself or, if you’re shopping online, a full data sheet under the main rating. The kWh number is crucial because it tells you the amount of energy that appliance consumes during the year. The higher the kWh figure is, the more efficient it is.

It is crucial to remember that a fridge freezer with an integrated refrigerator must fit into a housing cabinet that is 60cm wide. So, it’s ideal to select a cabinet that is the same size as the cabinets you have. If you’re replacing a refrigerator or freezer ensure it’s near the end of the run or you’ll have to install higher cabinets. Verify the depth and height of your cabinet to ensure it’s big enough to accommodate the new appliance.


If you’d like to make your refrigerator freezer blend seamlessly into the kitchen decor An integrated model can do the trick. This kind of appliance is integrated into a cabinet that can be customized to match your decor. Most models are designed to fit standard cabinets up to 178cm in height.

Some integrated refrigerator freezers come with a smart feature that can connect to WiFi. This allows you to keep track of the food in your refrigerator and set expiry dates. You can also create custom recipes made based on your pantry’s contents. Other features include air flow technology which distributes cool air evenly throughout the appliance, antibacterial linings and fast-freeze modes that reduce temperatures quickly to ensure that your food remains fresher for longer.

Larder fridges that are integrated have drawers that can be used to keep different food items at the right temperature, including fish and meat that like low humidity, or fruit that prefers a humid environment, which helps them to retain their freshness.

Integrated refrigerators are also great for kitchens with limited space and open-plan living spaces since they offer more design flexibility than freestanding appliances. You can choose from a wide range of finishes and colors to suit your decor with models that are available in a range of sizes and depths to fit into any space. If you’re searching for a fridge that has an integrated freezer, take a look at the entire range available at NE Appliances We offer free delivery and installation. We can also disconnect and recycle the old appliance if it is required.