What You Can Use A Weekly Integrated Fridge Project Can Change Your Life

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Choosing an Integrated Fridge For Your Kitchen Remodel

A built-in fridge is flush with counters and cabinets and blends seamlessly into the style of your kitchen. They also offer greater customization flexibility with panel-ready options and integrated handles.

Many homeowners choose an integrated refrigerator over a standalone one due to these advantages. This style of fridge can have some disadvantages.


The integrated fridge-freezers are integrated into the kitchen cabinets and give a sleek appearance that resembles a continuation of the cabinets. They are great for kitchens that have a modern or country cottage style. There are a few things to take into consideration before buying an integrated refrigerator.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the size. Integrated refrigerators are available in a variety of widths, to accommodate different sizes of kitchens. They are also larger than freestanding refrigerators, so you can store more food items without having to buy fridge freezer a second.

The depth is a different aspect to take into consideration. Freestanding fridges are typically counter-depth, integrated refrigerators are higher than this. The variety of storage options is limited, since they cannot be fitted in all kitchen cabinets.

Last but not least, you need to think about the design of the door. Integrated refrigerators can be fitted with either a ‘fixed’ hinge or a sliding hinge. It’s important to be aware of this as it affects the way that refrigerator doors open and close. It is also important to decide whether you want a 50:50 or 60/40 split. This will affect the amount of space that is allotted to the freezer and fridge sections.


There are a variety of styles available for refrigerators in the kitchen today. Certain refrigerators feature a distinctive color or design, whereas others have a sleek design that blends into the rest of the decor. If you’re looking for a more discreet look then an integrated or built-in fridge might be the perfect option for your home. Our team at Spencer’s TV & Appliance is here to assist you in finding the ideal integrated refrigerator for your kitchen renovation.

Integrated fridges are designed to fit right in the middle of your cabinets which makes them the ideal option for those who wish to create a cohesive kitchen style. They come with a door panel that matches your cabinetry so you can’t know where the refrigerator’s finish and the cabinets begin. They are also great for those with small kitchens as well as open-plan living spaces because they can help reduce clutter and keep it feeling streamlined.

The most common style of integrated refrigerator is a refrigerator with a bottom freezer. This model allows you to store larger items like meat, Cheap fridges fish and vegetables without sacrificing valuable storage space. It has a bonus middle drawer that you can use to store wine or a Charcuterie platter prior to guests arriving. The drawer has a separate temperature control so you can adjust it to the ideal serving temperature.

Another popular style of integrated refrigerator is the French-door model. This kind of fridge features a sleek stainless finish that matches the cabinets in your kitchen. This is an excellent option for modern homes. It comes with a non-handle front door which gives it a touch of elegance. You can also customize your refrigerator by choosing different colors and finishes.


Integrated refrigerators are incorporated into the cabinetry or the fridge housing in your kitchen. This gives them a seamless appearance without any protrusions. These kinds of cheap fridge fridges (lil.So) are a popular choice for homeowners looking to achieve a modern or high-end kitchen design that hides the appliance from view. They are also quieter and more efficient than freestanding models.

You can choose between a variety of storage options. For instance, you can opt for 50:50 models that provide equally space in the fridge and freezer. This lets you store anything from leftovers to fresh produce to frozen meats, ice cream and even leftovers. You can also choose 60/40 splits, or 70/30 models that have more fridge space as well as a smaller freezer.

Many integrated fridges have a drawer that stores meat and fish at 0degC which enhances preservation and extends shelf life. There are also a variety of vegetable and fruit drawers that can be controlled by humidity to help fresh food items stay fresh and healthy.

Some models also have a dedicated ‘frozen’ compartment which helps to protect food from ice crystals and frost. This type of appliance is ideal if you enjoy baking or freezing food from scratch and want to ensure that your home-cooked creations last as long as is possible.

A separate freezer drawer can be set up to accommodate large platters, dishes, and containers for takeaway food. This will help keep fresh food safe from freezer burn and also reduce the need for frequent defrosting, ensuring that your freezer and fridge in top condition.


Contrary to freestanding refrigerators fridges cannot be relocated easily when you are renovating your home or move. This is because they are built into kitchen cabinets and are designed to look like a seamless piece of furniture and match the interior of your home.

This type of refrigerator is used in kitchens or homes that are modern and elegant design. The fridge is hidden behind doors for cabinets that are typically constructed of wood or polished stainless steel to create an elegant appearance that is a perfect match with the surrounding decor. The integrated fridge can also be integrated with smart home apps that allow your refrigerator and other appliances to communicate with one other, respond to commands and become part of a bigger home control system.

While integrated refrigerators can be rockstars in terms of aesthetics however, they have a few drawbacks. For one, they tend to be more expensive than freestanding fridges. This disparity has little to do with mechanical systems or superior performance. It’s because integrated refrigerators are designed for the market of luxury who are willing to pay more for the high-end design and features.

Additionally the installation of an integrated refrigerator can be costly, as it requires changes to your kitchen. These include cutting or removing any fillers that might be blocking the fridge’s entrance and putting a bridging cabinet above the fridge to fit the door Cheap Fridges frame. Typically, integrated fridges are larger than freestanding fridges and can leave gaps at the top. It is possible to add an extra cross-over cabinet to fill in the gap. This will make it more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re satisfied with the layout of your kitchen as it is then this shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you want to change it in the near future you might need to add a cross-over cabinet to hide the gap.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are more expensive than freestanding models due to their sleek design and permanent installation. This is due to the use of cooling technology that can fit in a small space and also due to the fact that many homeowners are willing to pay more for refrigerators with a classy design that is not in conflict with their kitchen design. They also require more skilled installation compared to other fridges. This could add a significant amount to the final price.

As an added benefit integrated fridge freezers offer improved energy efficiency. These models are well insulated which allows cold air to be confined inside. This means less temperature fluctuations and reduced energy consumption. Additionally, since the doors are recessed, they don’t protrude from the cabinetry, which can create a more spacious and open feel inside.

The freezer section of an integrated fridge will be smaller than the one available in standalone models. However, it offers plenty of space for storing fresh food and frozen goods. Additionally, many integrated fridge models come with 50:50 splits that permit equally sized refrigeration and freezing space.

The advantages of having integrated refrigerators are enormous. They offer a seamless look that blends seamlessly with custom cabinetry, which helps to create a cohesive kitchen layout. They also provide greater storage capacity and flexibility, and can be equipped with a variety of features that enhance the functionality. It’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice among luxury appliance buyers today. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a choice.