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Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop

Narwal is an relative newcomer to the robotic vacuum market. It’s a sweeping/mopping hybrid that is pretty impressive. But it’s also expensive and is hampered by a clunky app with a steep learning curve.

Drop a sheet of soap into the tank of clean water at the base station to mop. Then, the pads are sprayed using clean water, and scrubs floors with 10N of pressure.


The Narwal T10 is a combination robot automatic vacuum cleaner robot and mop that can sweep clean, scrub, and scrub hard floors. Its smart robot vacuum navigation and mapping system is built on simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology. It also has anti-collision, anti-cliff-sensing and cliff-sen technologies that to prevent the machine from falling down a staircase or accidentally hitting furniture. Additionally, it is able to detect and avoid rugs, which can be a common issue with many hybrid robot vacuums and mops.

The robot has two huge tanks of water: one for clean water and the other for dirty. It automatically pre-soaks the pads in clean water in the tank before a mopping session. During the mopping process sensors will alert you when it is time to replace the pads and refill the water. It uses 16 ounces of clean water, which is less than the majority of similar robots.

The T10 will automatically dry the pads when you’ve cleaned them. This will prevent cross-contamination. Then, it will resume its mopping task from where it began. This will eliminate the need to wash your hands manually, which is great because it protects you from bacteria and allergens. This self-cleaning function is unique to Narwal because most competitors robot vacuums and mops simply dip their mop heads in buckets of dirty water.

The T10’s irobot Mopping And vacuum feature is powered by a motor which rotates the pad three times per second. This gives an extra thorough clean, especially in corners and edges. The rotating pad comes with two side brushes to sweep hair, dirt, and debris into the vacuum slot. This eliminates the need for a dustbin and is a lot more eco friendly than traditional vacuuming.

The app lets you draw an image of your home, allowing you to designate areas for both sweeping and mopping. The app also lets users to select cleaning intensity levels, including a thorough clean, which removes dirt and other debris that has accumulated to ensure a thorough job. You can also set “no-go” zones, which tell the robot to stay clear of carpets or other obstacles.


Robot vacuums are an essential household appliance that can help keep your home clean and tidy. They can reach and clean up areas which are not accessible to traditional vacuums, for instance under furniture. They also help eliminate dirt, germs and allergens which could cause illness. They can be programmed to clean on a regular basis and so you don’t need to stress about remembering to clean it yourself. They can also be placed where people can’t, such as under the kitchen sink or in the corners of your home. They’re dust-busters and keep your floors free of dirt and germs.

Narwal is a bit different from other robot vacuums on the market in that it’s mopping machine that has an added vacuuming feature. The large water tanks of Narwal allow it to mop large areas of floors without worrying about emptying the tank. It has mopping options where you can pick from various levels of intensity to remove stubborn stains.

The robot’s navigation is powered by LIDAR and SLAM technology, which allows it to draw maps of your home. It can utilize these maps to navigate around your home and map out a zigzag cleaning path that ensures an efficient cleaning and prevents cross contamination. It also features anti-collision and cliff sensors that prevent it from colliding with your tables or falling down the stairs.

Like many robotic vacuums, the Narwal T10 can be controlled through the narwal app or via voice commands. The Narwal T10 has an LED screen that displays the current status. Two buttons that are touch-sensitive are on either side of the vacuum. These buttons control docking, create maps, starting and stopping. The app lets you adjust your cleaning settings and arrange scheduled mopping.

It also has a button that allows you to switch between mopping and vacuuming modes. This is useful if you have dirty floors and need to clean them fast. It has a 1800-pa suction motor that excels at sucking up dirt and debris, although it has a difficult time to remove debris lodged in carpets and rug.


The Narwal Freo is an awesome robot that does an amazing job of cleaning hard floors. Its massive water tanks are easy to maintain and it has a variety of mopping intensities. It also has the ability to clean small spills or messes from carpet. The vacuuming abilities are less impressive. The vacuum power of 1,800Pa is less than that of more expensive robovacuums, like the Roborock MaxV Ultra.

Smart mapping and navigation technology allows the Freo to adjust to an area and plan a cleaning routine that is optimized. It utilizes simultaneous mapping and localization (SLAM) to create an area map, and then works in a zigzag fashion to prevent cross-contamination and ensure a uniform finish. It then shares this map with the narwal app, so you can modify cleaning settings and set no-go zones to keep it from mopping or vacuuming certain areas.

Once the Freo has been mapped, it can automatically continue cleaning where it left. The mops of the Freo are self-cleaning and they return to their dock after each use for rinsing and drying. This helps save time, and keeps hands away from contact with allergens and dirt. The Freo also helps conserve water by using only 16 oz of water for each mopping cycle, which is roughly the same amount as you’d find in a grande-sized coffee cup.

This robot can easily switch from mopping to vacuuming. It’s a great choice for those who have both types of equipment in their home. The sweeping capabilities of this robot are outstanding, and it does a great job of removing dust, pet hair, and other debris. The Freo’s dual side brushes enable it to reach into corners more effectively than single-brush vacuums, and its cliff-sensing functions and anti-collision capabilities assist in preventing it from slipping down staircases or hitting furniture.

The Narwal T10 is more expensive than the majority of its rivals however, it is a great vacuum/mop combination. The Narwal T10’s massive base station houses two 1.3 gallon tanks that have to be replenished often. This can be frustrating especially if you’re accustomed to the more efficient filling tanks of other robots. The app is messy and uninspiring, and lacks the features for customization you’d expect from a robot that costs more.


The Narwal robot vacuum and mop is a unique machine amongst the many all-in-one robot vacuums and mops available. While the majority of them boast excellent mopping capabilities and a vacuuming feature the T10 was created to be a self-cleaning machine from the beginning. Its sweeping and mopping capabilities are highly effective and are easy to control through the narwal app but it also has buttons on its base station that allow manual adjustment during cleaning sessions.

The narwal robot is powered by Lidar, SLAM and SLAM technologies. This makes it one of most intelligent cleaning machines. It makes use of its sensors for mapping out your home, and transforms this information into a detailed floor plan of cleaning. This is a remarkable feature, and it can help the T10 not to get lost and keep track of its activities while working in your home.

Narwal also has the ability to create “no-go” zones. Create no-go zones within the app so that the T10 avoid certain areas during cleaning sessions. This is useful if want to stay clear of the T10 mopping or vacuuming on areas rugs.

Its self-cleaning features are also impressive, as the T10 will periodically return to its docking station to flush out and resoak its mopping pads. The cleaning system for the pads keeps you from having to soak your mop in dirty water and keeps it free of germs between mopping sessions.

The narwal mops also are designed with a unique triangular shape that covers more surface area and offers a more efficient clean in tight and corner spaces. The dual side brushes help catch dirt and hair and then remove them from the floor so they don’t get stuck in your vacuum or drain its battery.

Narwal is unique from other robotic vacuums because it does not have an effective beater to take dirt and debris off carpets. Instead, it uses advanced sensors to detect and clean difficult surfaces, such as stains or wet spots. The narwal mop and vacuum is also highly energy-efficient and is a good option for cleaning late at night. The motor is also quieter thanks to its high-efficiency.