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Many a first-time novelist usually learns to write a first novel free [goldnovel.com] through reading lots of good fiction in their chosen genre and over time working out how to write a novel all by themselves. These days however there is novel writing software and the learning curve for a new novelist has telescoped, such that learning the craft of fiction simply means to use novel software. Lately I notice that finding enough time to read hundreds, even thousands, of novels may not be practicable for most. The children in particular have embraced TV and also film, as the most popular entertainment medium.

Getting published becomes easier

Attending a writing workshop, hiring personal instructors or paying for creative writing courses is beyond the means for most of us these days – and that’s saying nothing about the time you need to invest. But nearly any good novel program can substitute for any of these things- well, sort of. When you decide to use novel software you will work in a template the program gives you. You are then assured that you are adopting sound plotting principles all through and that your novel has a chance to succeed, assuming everything else stays the same. For the first-time novelist this assurance in itself is supremely important. How many of us can afford a good critic these days, even from among your friends? People are just too busy.

Using novel software could save you time

Undoubtedly writing a novel will always take time and lots of effort, but the most difficult aspect by far will always be how to start the novel – and having started to keep going! Learning to craft good fiction by reading the very best is naturally still the best way to start learning, but with this software for writers the beginning novelist can quickly learn how to write a novel through getting insights into the craft from the carefully planned blueprints in the software that detail the steps for how to structure a novel. All you have to do is step into the template and follow through! This drastically reduces the amount of time needed to learn to write a novel.

Follow the path of the bestsellers past and present

Consider that in times gone by, writers crafted their novels basing on sense and intuition, most of the time by trial and error – a rather tough trick to learn. For the new novelist the experts have now written novel software through reverse engineering the bestselling fiction down the years. So that when you work with these programs you are in fact learning from the experts and the bestselling novelists past and present. There are examples and templates from any genre.

For the new novelist then this represents a shortcut of sorts. Novel writer’s software, though, has something to offer to both first-time novelists and experienced novel writers. You can use programs for story management and also for story development, the latter for plot and structure.

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