Your Family Will Be Grateful For Getting This Built In Fridge Freezer 60/40

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Upgrade Your Kitchen With a Built in Fridge and Freezer

Consider a built in fridge and freezer if you wish to upgrade the look of your home and wish to blend it with other cabinets. They’re available in various sizes and heights (84-inch is the most common).

Some require that you embed them into the wall, which can be a complex project that requires a lot of demolition and construction work.


A lot of brands have built-in refrigerators with front panels that can be made to match kitchen components for a seamless look. The cost of this investment is often high but it provides an elegant look to your home that will increase its value.

These fridges are usually outfitted with a grill in the top that indicates the location of the compressor. This distinction distinguishes them from conventional freestanding fridges which typically have an open space on sides or the top.

Apart from this aesthetic feature the built-in fridge is designed to be secured within cabinetry for a completely seamless appearance. This kind of installation is best left to professionals.

Built-in refrigerators tend to be deeper than freestanding models. This allows them be placed close to counters and cabinets to provide more storage space.

While both types of fridges can be bought at big box stores, built-in refrigerators require a greater level of customization, special orders and unique installation services that mega retailers don’t have the capacity for. Local showrooms for bath and kitchen and independent appliance dealers are the best place to buy this type of special item.

The most popular style of beko built in fridge freezer-in refrigerators is a bottom mounted freezer, but there are also French doors and side-by-side models to choose from. These refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes, including’midi’ models that are standard-height and taller versions designed for people with tall ceilings.


A built-in refrigerator is the ideal choice if you want to have an elegant look for your kitchen. They’re not as obvious as freestanding refrigerators, since they can be incorporated into cabinets and concealed behind them.

Sub-Zero and Thermador are two brands that provide models that integrate into kitchen cabinets. Both companies provide integrated fridge freezers in both classic and designer series that will complement your kitchen design with the brand’s high-end style.

With the exception of the distinctive grill on top, which is a characteristic of the Sub Zero line the refrigerators don’t stand out like the traditional models. Designer Series refrigerators are panel-ready which means you can cover the front with your preferred cabinetry.

When your friends or family come to visit they won’t be aware that your refrigerator is a fridge. With the appropriate finish, you can make it appear like part of your cabinetry. If you want a sophisticated look go for a stainless steel model or choose one that blends in with the other kitchen designs. Miele refrigerators come in 17 different colors, so you’ll find a color to match any style.

Energy Efficiency

One of the major benefits that come with the built-in refrigerator is its energy efficiency. Its design allows it to fit into your kitchen perfectly making space, while also improving the look of your home.

Many brands have features that aid in preserving food and reduce energy consumption. For example, GE’s Cafe range has a built-in freezer that provides more storage space than side-byside models while consuming less energy. Other refrigerators, such as Bosch’s Evolution series, feature a Smart Learner feature that adjusts the energy consumption of your refrigerator based on your lifestyle. This means you’ll only use the refrigerator when it’s required and will drastically reduce your energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary trips to the appliance.

Apart from the smart fridge features, a lot of brands have incorporated foam-in-place insulation, which eliminates air gaps and hinders heat transfer. The trend towards more efficient refrigeration can be seen in the increasing popularity of and energy efficiency of ENERGY STAR rating refrigerators and freezers. These are more eco-friendly.

A refrigerator with a built-in freezer is a fantastic option for a kitchen remodel. It can increase your home’s value and create an attractive look that can transform your kitchen. But, remember that you’ll need a high ceiling to accommodate a built in refrigerator, as they usually stand at around seven feet tall.


Maintaining your refrigerator is vital to keep food fresh and energy consumption down and reduce electricity bills. It is important to check the fridge and freezer often to clear any food items that are spoiled or unneeded or drinks, clean the interior of the refrigerator and ensure that there aren’t any containers or other items blocking the air vents that connect the fridge and freezer. This will help avoid unpleasant mold and bacterial problems. You should also make a point to check the expiration dates for food and drinks in your refrigerator regularly and avoid storing expired products.

To ensure that they function effectively The condenser coils at the bottom or back of the fridge must be cleaned at least every six months. They may become clogged with dirt, hair, and other debris and reduce their capacity to disperse heat. This results in decreased efficiency and even breakdowns. You can clean the coils by vacuuming them with a soft bristle or take the grille off to gently wash them with warm water.

A built-in fridge and freezer can make your kitchen look more modern and increase the value of your home. However, like any appliance that requires repair, they’ll need to be replaced at some point. It is crucial to contact an expert for any repair work, whether your refrigerator is built into a cabinet, or a freestanding unit. They have the expertise to handle these appliances and are aware of the unique design components.